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Shopping Tips for the Day After Christmas Sales

Shopping Tips for the Day After Christmas Sales
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By Sharon MacGregor, Fed Well  

Discovering after-Christmas deals and markdowns while shopping online – rather than going in-person – has so many advantages. It’s faster, easier, more convenient, saves gas… and no mask is required! Just as your grandmother may have browsed through colorful flyers and newspaper inserts. Shopping deals online at your leisure, from the comfort and safety of your home, at any hour, also means you can shop the day after Christmas deals on your schedule and at your own pace.  

Be sure to check out online after-Christmas sales for deals on swag for yourself – or for stashing away gifts to give all year long (including Christmas 2021)! Thinking ahead (by a season or even an entire year) can save you a lot of money and time.  

Holiday-themed items will most likely be marked way down, since they’ll be taking up valuable space needed for new merchandise. Stock up on decorations, stocking stuffers, and other holiday items at a discount, and be prepared for next year.  

Shopping for Holiday- Themed Kitchen Decor  

Specialty Christmas kitchen items will be on sale the day after Christmas, so be sure to gather up items for next year. Consider a festive tablecloth, pretty seasonally patterned dish towels, red and green pot holders or oven mitts, Santa-themed salt and pepper shakers, Christmas cookie items special Christmas dishes and serve ware. Don’t forget teacher and hostess gifts for next year. 

Christmas Cookbooks

Just like holiday-themed kitchen décor, Christmas cookbooks have a limited season, so they will definitely be on sale. Go ahead and buy one or more to keep in your “in case of emergency” gift stash. A Christmas cookbook makes a great bridal shower gift or birthday present, or you can hold onto it until next Christmas to give as a teacher or co-worker gift, or simply buy one for yourself to enjoy year-round.  

Small Appliances

Small appliances are frequently are often on sale the day after Christmas. Newer versions of small appliances may mean that previous ones need to be moved out, so they may go on clearance. Look for microwaves, slow cookers, electric kettles and even pricier items like air fryers, as they may have some of the best day-after-Christmas sales.  


Some people bake all year long, and others prefer to just focus on baking for the holidays, but many of us have begun making our own bread and other delights (banana bread, anyone?) because we’ve been staying home so much this year and haven’t been able to go out to bakeries, coffee shops, or restaurants. Bakeware and seasonal baking items may be discounted after Christmas. Stock up on marked-down sheet pans, bread pans, muffin tins and specialty cake pans, leaving you with a little more bread for yourself.    


Think outside of the box when scrolling for after-Christmas shopping options on electronics. You might snag a deeply discounted cell phone or tablet holder, which can help keep your device on your kitchen counter, making it easier to read recipes or watch the latest cooking videos. Love cooking and eating to background music? Buy yourself a Bluetooth speaker for the kitchen counter or your dining room table, and you may find yourself singing and dancing while you make dinner.   

New Year – New You… and an Organized Kitchen

Soon, we’ll all be making (and hopefully keeping) New Year’s resolutions. If yours include keeping your kitchen organized, there are plenty of helpful options to choose from. Look for decent prices on utensil holders, pot racks, and pantry organizers so you can start putting your kitchen items away properly after the holidays.  

Seeking out after-Christmas deals and markdowns is a great way to save on potential gift ideas. But don’t forget to treat yourself! 

Sharon MacGregor

Writing from her desk in New York, Sharon MacGregor is a contributing reporter, freelance writer, and blogger with a passion for human interest stories as well as meals shared with friends and family. Her blog, Fed Well includes recipes with upcoming tips to prepare foods for infants and toddlers, simple and seasonal cocktails, and easy modifications to create dishes respecting dietary restrictions including dairy and gluten intolerances. She loves entertaining for the ones she loves including her new grandbabies!

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