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Show Some Teacher Appreciation With 15 Gift Ideas the Teacher Will Love

Show Some Teacher Appreciation With 15 Gift Ideas the Teacher Will Love

After the unprecedented school year they’ve had, our teachers deserve all our appreciation. But please save the apples and cutesy knick-knacks. Instead, show some teacher appreciation by choosing one of these great gift ideas!  

Here are 15 great teacher gift ideas teachers will love!


A sturdy teacher bag

Teachers carry lots of things: books and papers that need to be graded, school supplies, and maybe even lunch. A sturdy teacher bag makes one of the best teacher gifts. And, lucky for you, Zulily has a great selection of handbags you might want to check out. When picking out this gift, just remember to choose a bag that’s roomy and sturdy with enough space to carry everything home at the end of the school day and then back to school the next morning.  


Every teacher loves a good book

Who doesn’t love a good book? Of course, that includes teachers. Is there a suspense thriller she might like to snuggle up to this summer? Or maybe your child’s teacher has recently taken up a new hobby? You might want to give him or her some books to help home in on a new hobby. Make sure to check out the wide variety of books available on the Zulily website and I’m sure you’ll find the perfect book for your child’s teacher to enjoy this upcoming summer break.


Personalized gifts for teachers

Personalized presents for teachers are a great way to show your teacher appreciation. Choose a personalized tumbler or personalized beach towel, a monogrammed tote bag, or maybe even a set of personalized pencils (that have a better chance of actually being returned when students borrow them since they are marked with the teacher’s name). How about a personalized apron he or she can use during art lessons or other messy activities in the classroom? You just can’t go wrong with thoughtful, personalized gifts for teachers. 


Well Thought-out teacher gift baskets

Putting together special gifts for teachers can be lots of fun for students and parents that enjoy doing DIY projects together. The key to a thoughtful DIY teacher gift basket is to include things that are geared towards a teacher’s interests. These gift items should also be useful and practical.  

To start, choose a cute wicker basket, plastic bin, or other unique container to fill with goodies. Next choose a theme or color scheme for your teacher gift basket. Think about including small gift items that make sense according to your theme or color scheme. You might create a fun teacher gift basket filled with self-care essentials. Maybe tailor a gift basket to a teacher’s specific hobby, like crafting or painting. The possibilities are endless!  


Fun collectibles

Chances are that your child’s teacher has talked with the class about something they really love. Maybe your child’s teacher is a Star Wars fan or really loves Harry Potter books. Does he or she have some other passions like video gaming or collecting bobbleheads? They might really be into a particular music genre or music band. Do they have a favorite movie or TV show? Ask your child if their teacher has talked about something they really love. Zulily has an entire Pop Culture Shop filled with unique music, videogames, movies, and TVthemed merch that can spark some great teacher gift ideas. Check it out! 


Handmade gifts & fun decoration for the classroom

Speaking of handmade gifts, if you’re a crafty type you might want to create a unique classroom gift for the teachers in your life. I’ve seen some pretty impressive crayon wreaths and pencil flower bouquets circling the internet. You can surprise the teacher with a homemade crayon holder or dress up her desk with a DIY pencil vase. Maybe you know how to make a handmade wooden name plaque to sit at the teacher’s desk or can create something special to hang from the classroom door. A quick internet search is sure to produce infinite ideas for handmade teacher gifts and your little one will be excited to surprise the teacher with one of the best teacher gifts! For more inspiration, you can check out DIY Teacher Gift Ideas over on my blog.


A special keepsake

Just like parents treasure handmade gifts from their kids, teachers also treasure gifts made by their students. You can help your child create a special keepsake that reflects a favorite class memory or displays a special thank you message your child wants to share with their favorite teacher. You can find an inexpensive picture frame to frame a fun poem written by your child or print out a favorite class photo to include in the frame. A special keepsake will help the teacher remember this school year for years to come! 


Planners, journals & notebooks

I know everything is digital these days, but I know plenty of teachers that still love paper planners, enjoy writing notes in their journals, and keep a collection of notebooks. Teachers are always writing things down so a pretty planner, a special notebook, or a unique journal make a great teacher gift! 


Teacher stamps

How many times does the teacher have to write her name on books, papers and other materials around the classroom? Having a custom stamp can come in handy, saves time, and makes a great practical gift the teacher will love using over and over and over again. 


Tech & gadgets

Now, more than ever, teachers are living a digital lifestyle and functional electronics accessories can make their lives a bit easier. Zulily offers a great selection of wearable tech and accessories to choose from. I personally love the wireless earbuds and colorful Apple Watch band selection. Teachers might also appreciate a 3-in-1 wireless charger to charge their iPhone, apple watch, and air pods, all at the same time. Or how about a USB charging station that can help charge all the devices in the classroom at once? Teachers are oftentimes using multiple devices at once, so a five-adapter charger cable might also make a great little gift. The key to choosing just the right tech or gadget for a teacher gift is to think of its practicality in terms of how it might make your favorite teacher’s life a little easier. For even more ideas, check out my remote learning gift guide for teachers on my blog. 


A felt letter board

We’ve all seen the cute Instagramable felt boards but nowhere are they more appropriate than in the classroom. If you’ve noticed that your child’s teacher doesn’t already have a felt letterboard in her classroom, this might be just the right gift for your teacher. Not only can the teacher use it, but she might want to invite her students to use it, too. It’s a cute classroom accessory and you can add an extra wow!” factor to it if you choose a personalized board. Choose one with a unique color felt background or colorful letters to add to the board instead of the standard white or black we’re all accustomed to seeing.


Plants or succulents

Teachers may enjoy the mood-brightening effects of keeping classroom plants, but they don’t often have the time to tend to them. Make this a unique and extra lowmaintenance gift by giving teachers a special succulent instead of an ordinary house plant. You can shop succulents right here on Zulily. 


A customized coffee tumbler

Does your child’s teacher run on coffee? You might consider a customized coffee tumbler just for her. Throw in a gift card to her favorite coffee shop and she’ll appreciate you thinking of her when showing your teacher appreciation. 


A jar of sweet treats

Mason jars come in all sizes and are easy to fill with just about anything you can think of. They make great teacher appreciation gifts and teachers will likely reuse them to later store other things. Just find a simple mason jar and fill it up with a teacher’s favorite candy, chocolates or other small snacks. Another fun mason jar teacher gift option can include adding small but useful office supplies, like uniquely shaped paper clips or fun-colored pens. Tie a nice colorful ribbon or bow around the mason jar’s rim and your teacher gift is done! 


A summer relaxation kit

Remind teachers to relax and enjoy their time off this summer. This is such a simple gift idea to put together and can be composed of just a few summer essentials in a nice reusable tote. You can include a reusable water bottle, some fun flip flops, maybe even some nail polish in vibrant summer tones. A colorful beach towel and some sunscreen are also great essentials to include. Zulily has a great list of warm-weather essentials and sunny-day staples you might want to check out as you plan out what to include in the summer relaxation kit you create for your favorite teacher.

Hope this list of gift ideas helps you find the perfect teacher gifts to show your appreciation and help them have a happy summer.

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