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Simple Thanksgiving Table Decoration Ideas 

Simple Thanksgiving Table Decoration Ideas 

When it comes to Thanksgiving table decor, we tend to want to either change things up completely from the previous year’s decor or re-use some of the pieces we have at hand. This year, Thanksgiving is all about cozy home inspiration as most of us will be spending it with our immediate family members. Not many are opening their homes to large gatherings due to COVID-19.  Either way, we want to share with you some simple Thanksgiving table decoration ideas!

Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner with All the Sides. Homemade Roasted Turkey and all traditional dishes on Festive Thanksgiving table.

Create a color palette

What better way to celebrate the season than by incorporating fall’s beautiful colors?  Think about colors like orange, mustard yellow, burgundy and olive green. Grab any items you have around the house with these or similar colors.  Gather some color inspiration ideas you want to go with for your Thanksgiving dinner table decorations. Maybe you want orange to be your main color (hello, Fall) or a classic white look, maybe you want to go all blue and white in gingham. 

Use Pumpkins

Collect all the pumpkins you have laying around the house or on your porch. Clean them well and arrange them in the center of your dining room table.

Use Candles

Candles are a great way to bring ambiance into your Thanksgiving dinner table decorations. Consider if you want to incorporate colors that blend well with what you already have placed on the table or go with white candles, which brightens up the space and brings a classy look into your table decor.

Use greenery

A touch of creativity and some natural elements will create a memorable table that you can be proud of. Adding a few decorative details such as fallen leaves, floral arrangements and/or faux eucalyptus or lavender plants (which can also become a party favor for your guests) are all amazing to create a natural looking tablescape.

Use baskets to gather items

Consider placing one or a few baskets under plates. Different sizes and shapes will bring some interest to your Thanksgiving tablespace.

Add edible items

Consider adding edible items to your  tablespace’s decor. This is an inexpensive Thanksgiving table decorations idea that all of your guests (family) will love to get their hands on. I personally enjoy seeing my guests enjoying something I made with so much love. It can even be the dessert for the night. Consider making a variety of Thanksgiving inspired individualized desserts with all the fall colors and fall smells. Everyone will be eyeing and calling dibs on their favorite ones. 

Use height to show off decor

One element I always consider when getting my Thanksgiving table decor in place is adding height. Look for cake  or candle stands. Place about three small candles stands throughout the table or one large cake stand in the center. You can place pumpkins, candles, and/or pinecones on them. Your guests will have lots of places to look at and will be impressed with your skills.  Tiered trays are versatile and bring height into your table decor. It can be used to place smaller seasonal decor items or edible food like fresh fruits with some greenery around it.

Use a butcher paper table covering

Farmhouse style is very trendy right now. Grab some farmhouse items to make your Thanksgiving  tablescape a theme that is very in and can look chic if done well. You may want to find some butcher paper to cover your table. This will give it a great look. You can write in it everyone’s names as a table setting where they are going to be sitting. Or have kids color on them during mealtime. This will keep them entertained while the grown-ups mingle.

Thanksgiving table setting in black, white and orange colors
Beautiful festive table setting in autumn
 decorated table setting for Thanksgiving dinner. Autumn ornate, white pumpkin on ceramic plates.
Autumn holiday table decorations for thanksgiving

To recap, use food items like fruits, herbs and vegetables. They bring in so many interesting colors and are very inexpensive Thanksgiving table decorations. Use traditional Thanksgiving elements like pumpkins and turkeys to decorate your table. Making the pumpkins the statement or the turkey the key statement makes it super easy to decorate around. Your tablespace will stand out and impress every guest. Don’t forget to add greenery and natural elements like eucalyptus or fallen leaves. Imagine all you can do with just a few items. Consider the theme and colors you want to go with and have fun through the process. Make this year’s Thanksgiving tablespace your prettiest one yet. Enjoy a lovely Thanksgiving season! 

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