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Six Reasons to Color + Free Coloring Pages

Six Reasons to Color + Free Coloring Pages
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Here’s some good news: Coloring is classic activity that can help reduce stress and improve focus. It’s great for all ages  – and you’ve probably got the supplies you need in your home right now.. Get started with these FREE, ready-to-print coloring pages OR read on for some surprising info and tips for extra fun.

What’s so wonderful about filling in an outline with shades of your choosing?

Six bright answers to your question. COLORING…

  1. … Is a simple way to redirect anxious, negative thoughts toward pleasant, positive thoughts by paying attention to an in-the-moment project.
  2. … Uses both the left (logical, problem-solving) and right (creative, artistic) sides of the brain, helping to strengthen neural pathways.
  3. … Engages the parts of the brain that enhance focus and concentration.
  4. … Can help improve fine motor skills.
  5. … Is a creative yet calming addition to daily or weekly mindfulness practice
  6. … Benefits all ages and is an activity that can be done together (physically or virtually) yet still customized for individual ability levels

More fun, more benefits, more tips

  • Some studies have shown increased calm through the coloring of complex images, such as a mandala. For children, select a drawing that is still manageable for their skill level. Choosing positive images, such as favorite animals, flowers or landscapes, may also enhance the benefits of coloring.
  • Consider a variety of coloring tools, such as crayons, colored pencils or felt-tip pens, depending on age and dexterity.
  • Try coloring a page using a limited number of colors, such as shades of blue or complementary colors. Or, with family members or friends, choose a theme color for all to use or an image or idea to align everyone’s coloring page choices.
  • Set aside a time to color together (at home or virtually with friend or relatives), then share the results of your creative activity. You can post your results on social media, share during a Facetime or Zoom meet-up, or even snail-mail colored images to distant relatives or friends.

Ready to give coloring a try? Choose from our assortment of free coloring pages here.

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