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23 Spooky Designs for Your Halloween Nails

23 Spooky Designs for Your Halloween Nails

Spooky season is upon us and it’s the perfect time to lift your mood. While the festivities could be a bit different from usual, there’s still no reason why you and your fam can’t get on your costumes and have some fun. Now’s the perfect time to plan what you’re wearing. A fun way to accessorize outfits and get into the spirit is with some spooky Halloween nails. 

By Janine Clements, 21st Century Mama 

Keep it simple with nail art stickers, get creative with simple DIY designs that are easy to paint on, grab some press-on acrylic nails, or go all out and head to your nearest nail salon for the ultimate gel nail designs you can show off. 

Whether you like keeping it traditional with ghosts, pumpkins, and monsters, or you want to amp it up with unique styles inspired by horror movies like IT, here are some of our favorite cute, creepy, and downright scary Halloween nails for 2020. Happy Howl-o-ween!  

Day of the Dead

If you’re going for a Day of the Dead theme, these brightly colored sugar skull designs will perfectly complement your Halloween costume

Vampire Vibes

These frightening Halloween nails are not for the faint-hearted. Mix solid blood-red nails with clear varnish and drips of red for the ultimate scary designs. 

Candy Corn Colors

Have fun trick-or-treating with these colorful candy corn Halloween nail designs. Use layers of orange, white, and yellow nail polish to create this design yourself or save time and get acrylics. 

Wicked Witches

Enhance your witch’s costume with these creepy Halloween nails. Although painting your nails all black will look great, you can add some hocus pocus with different witch-themed designs. Go for pointed tips for maximum effect. 

Spooky Spiderwebs

Dramatic party-ready Halloween nails designs like these sparkly black and white spiderwebs will glam up any outfit and impress your friends. 

Get Your Glow on

For Halloween nails that get noticed when night falls, opt for some glow-in-the-dark nails like these colorful coffin-shaped designs. You can even buy special polish to paint over the top of your nail art. 

Pennywise the Clown

These terrifying Halloween nails are enough to give you nightmares. Inspired by the scary movie It, the designs feature Pennywise, the red balloon, and other iconic graphics. 

Let’s Hear You Scream

You’ll have a killer Halloween with these red, white, and black Scream-themed nails. These frightening nails are sure to send shivers down your spine. 


For easy designs that work with any virtual celebration, these ghoulish Halloween nails are your best bet. Paint ghostly (but cute) shapes using white nail varnish on plain nails and add dots of black varnish for eyes and mouths.  

Halloween Scene

These super cute and creepy nail stickers featuring ghosts, pumpkins, and bats are the perfect Halloween nails for kids who want to join in the fun. 

Spooky Sparkles

Impress your friends with these dazzling Halloween nail designs made with tiny colored gems and golden skulls with crowns. You’ll want to keep them on well after Halloween is over. 

Devil Talons

If you’re feeling devilish, get your claws on these fiery red, stiletto-shaped Halloween nails. This is the perfect manicure for little devils everywhere. 

Black Magic

Bring out your inner witch with these terrifying matte black designs that are sure to make you shudder. They’re the spookiest subtle Halloween nails we’ve ever seen. 

Monster Mani

Do the monster mash with Dracula, Frankenstein, and friends by painting mini monster designs on your Halloween nails for the perfect Halloween look

Eyes on You

These spine-chilling Halloween nail designs take gory to another level. If you’re planning on being a zombie bride or any other type of walking dead, these eye-popping designs will go perfectly with your costume. 

Cool Cats

Black cats are classic symbols of Halloween so why not wear them on your nails? Jazz up black nail varnish with spooky cats’ eyes, paws, and more, just like these clever Halloween nails. 

Nightmare Before Christmas

These fun and freaky Halloween nail designs are inspired by the legendary movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, featuring the enchanting Jack Skellington and his pet ghost dog. 

Haunted Houses

For Halloween nails that will haunt you, opt for this vivid purple and black nail art design. The eerie nightscape includes haunted houses and gravestones. 

Bat Girl

We’re loving this creepily cute bat nail art. Black bats against a nude base works a treat for this Halloween nail design. 

Go Green

To stand out from the crowd, opt for luminous green nail varnish (or any other bright color will do). Add spiders and cobwebs for the ultimate spooky effect. 

They’re Creepy and They’re Kooky 

If you love the Adams Family, you’ll love these eerie nails. Inspired by the animated movie, the shimmering black and gold designs feature Morticia, Wednesday, and plenty of bling. 

Jumping Jack-O’-Lanterns

You’ll jump out of your skin when you see these scary Halloween nails made with a glittery orange base and matte black jack-o’ lantern nail art over the top. 

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