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Step Into Spring With These Top 10 Mary Jane Styles

Step Into Spring With These Top 10 Mary Jane Styles

Think Mary Janes are just for kids? Think again! Though they make for adorable footwear for young girls, Mary Janes are absolutely for both girls and women alike, and they really have yet to go out of style. The neat thing, too, is that Mary Janes can work whether your style is classic, trendy, or edgy because so many variations of the traditional style are out there these days.  

Collective love for the Mary Jane in the fashion world is certainly going strong in 2021, and here we’re rounding up some of the best Mary Jane styles to wear this spring (and year round, really). There are so many to choose from! Here are the 10 Mary Jane styles topping our list this year. (Oh, and be sure to keep an eye on Zulily’s shoe section of the site where you’ll see Mary Jane styles pop up from time to time!): 



This variation of the Mary Jane is simple with a touch of something special. It’s the classic Mary Jane shoe shape, but made with a gorgeous and soft material that can be worn in any season, really (not to mention year after year). 



Looking to add a bit of height to the equation? Mary Janes with block heels tend to be both stylish and comfortable (think wedges or booties from a comfort standpoint), and look just as great with a dress as they do a pair of trendy wide-legged pants.



Channel your inner ballerina with a pointed toe Mary Jane. This look mixes things up just enough to feel special and a bit different from the traditional round-toed Mary Jane style.



Mary Jane straps are typically a traditional buckle, and can often be rather small and delicate. This style turns that look on its head by making the strap the key element of the shoe, and bringing an in an extra feminine element while also keeping things trendy and modern.



This style proves Mary Janes really can be worn for any occasion. Pull out a pair of sassy Mary Jane pumps to take a more formal look to the next level.



Remember when I mentioned you can rock a pair of Mary Janes while maintaining an edgy look? Grab a metallic version of the classic shoe to do just that! This variation of the Mary Jane is perfect to pair with a more toned-down outfit so the shoes can really be the star of the show.



If traditional is what you’re going for, there’s no need to mess with a classic! The original Mary Jane style is still as beautiful and versatile as ever, so be sure to incorporate a pair into your wardrobe for year-round wear.



While the classic Mary Jane style features a single strap, mix things up a bit by grabbing a pair with a double strap instead. Some of these styles are designed with the two straps running parallel to one another, while others have a bit more fun with the placement. The straps tend to be more delicate than they are in the original style, too.



Whether you reach for a pair of Mary Janes with a textured croc or snakeskin look or a leopard or zebra print, incorporating an animal element is a really fun way to bring this classic shoe into 2021.



Mules tend to look flattering (and be comfortable, too) on just about everyone, and a pair of Mary Jane mules is no exception. Throw them on to take your favorite pair of jeans to the next level.

Whether you’re a Mary Jane traditionalist or want to step out of the lines a bit, hopefully this list helped provide some fun inspiration for your spring 2021 footwear!

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