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Supplies Needed for Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids 

Supplies Needed for Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids 
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By Wanda Lopez, My Sweet Zepol

Kids of all ages love crafts and getting their hands dirty with paint. This year you may find yourself at home with your kids with no-one else to entertain them during the holidays. Today, we will share some supplies needed for Thanksgiving  crafts for kids as well as ideas of projects you can make at home. We are going to keep it simple, so start thinking about things you have right at home that you may be able to use for some fun projects.   

The idea is to brainstorm Thanksgiving crafts that are easy, require little in the way of supplies and are guaranteed to keep your kiddo busy and engaged for hours!   

Things you need for easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids 

  1. Construction paper; grab all of your kid’s favorite colors. There is no reason you should only stick to fall colors or Thanksgiving colors because of the holiday season. Let your kids grab all of their favorite construction paper colors. For example, maybe your kids love pink or blue; they can create a pink turkey or a blue barn house as a craft and decorate the refrigerator with it. Kids love showing off their artwork and you will enjoy seeing their personality shine through them.  
  1. Paper plates are great for pie drawings, drawing faces of those you love, clocks telling the time for Thanksgiving dinner,  so no-one forgets when the meal will be served. Paper plates can also be used to create other animals like owls, cats or dogs. Use your imagination when it comes to what paper plates can be used for.   
  1. Tissue paper is another great supply to have on-hand for fun crafts. One of the best things about tissue paper is that it comes in such a wide variety of colors. Tissue paper is also a great preschool Thanksgiving craft because kids can tear the tissue paper with their hands without having to use any scissors, which is a great plus for moms.  

What to make with tissue paper?

A wreath that they can hang on their bedroom door. Maybe everyone at home needs a wreath for their own bedroom door. A wreath on the refrigerator door would look great too. Take a look at one of our wreaths made with tissue paper (gift wrapping paper) that we placed on our front door a few years back. The wreath was so much fun to make and looked great too! Here is another idea; grab a piece of brown construction paper and tear pieces of tissue paper of assorted colors and make trees. Leaves are available in a wide variety of colors during this time of the season so let the kids use their imagination on this one.   

  1. Cotton balls are something you can easily find in your household. You can place some cotton balls over the tissue paper your kids tore up from the previous craft idea when they were making the trees and pretend the cotton balls are fruits or maybe snow made out the cotton balls. Another great use for cotton balls is to create some fun turkeys. You cannot have fun Thanksgiving projects for kids without making a few turkey arts and crafts.   
  1. Painting is one of the best parts about craft making. As a kid, getting your hands into some wet paint and letting your imagination go is super fun and a great experience for kids. It was by far my favorite activity as a kid. Place some paint inside plates, have your kids put in their tiny hands in and stamp their hands onto a white sheet of paper. The imprint will become the turkey’s body. Place those large cotton balls and see your craft transform into a fun turkey right in front of your eyes. Something you can have your kids do after placing their handprint onto a clean sheet of paper is sign their names and give it away as a present to the grandparents. I have not met a grandparent that does not love a keepsake like this one from their grandkids. Special, right?  

Things to consider when creating Thanksgiving crafts with kids 

  1. Scissors are an essential tool for any arts and craft project. If needed, parents, please handle the scissors yourself or have projects pre-cut in advance.   
  1. Paint can get everywhere when kids get excited about their projects. After they have transferred their precious handprint onto the paper or designated destination, grab a wet cloth and wipe up the paint off as soon as possible.   
  1. Consider placing a large paper covering over your table or wherever you are getting crafty at. This will make cleanup so much easier when everything is done.   

At the end of the day, the goal is for everyone to have a fun time. Keeping kids entertained for hours and have something fun to look back at for years to come. Additionally, you can frame some of the artwork for everyone to see and keep the crafts that will remind you of that day and your kids’ ages, like handprints. Also, consider gifting an artwork from your kids to those special people in your life, like grandparents, aunts, and uncles. They will love the keepsake for years to come.  

Grab some of the best arts and crafts for kids using this link and stock up on all the fun supplies you need for your kid’s Thanksgiving crafts. From construction paper, to glitter, paints, and stickers. You will find it all and love the convenience of getting it shipped right to your home. I sure do.   

There are endless ideas of Thanksgiving crafts for kids of all ages online. From preschool to toddlers and older kids as well; even teenagers. The most important part of it all is to have fun, make lots of memories, remember to take pictures, display some of the art and give away some too. I am sure grandma will love a keepsake. We hope you enjoy creating with your kids. They will be entertained for hours and have a blast.   

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