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Sweet Slumber: 10 Essential Oil Blends Perfect for Sleep

Sweet Slumber: 10 Essential Oil Blends Perfect for Sleep

We all know sleep is one of the best things you can do for your mental and physical health. Getting enough sleep is closely related to mood, and as parents, we are tested every day on patience and how we handle stress and anxiety. If you thought you weren’t getting enough sleep before kids, it’s a whole other level after kids.  

Enter essential oils. These scents are not only pleasant to the nose but some oils and blends are shown to relax the mind and calm the body. No wonder spas all over the world use aromatherapy in their services and throughout the rooms. Scents are powerful and can be used in the home to energize, focus and relax. We are focusing on the best essential oils for sleep that will not only make the room smell wonderful but can help ease your mind and body to a restful slumber. All of these can be used in a diffuser for ease.  

Sleep Team 

Before we get into blends, let’s talk about the superstar essential oils that will help you drift off to sleep.  

Lavender: The most popular one for relaxing. It eases tension and induces relaxation. 

Vetiver: Grassy notes with a rich aroma that can help ground emotions after a tense day. 

Marjoram: Slightly spicy with a warm undertone, said to calm and help release emotional stress and trauma.  

Roman Chamomile: Sweet and floral that is calming and soothing to the mind and body. 

Bergamot: Floral and citrus, meaning it can be both energizing and calming depending on what your body needs at the time. Really great at reducing anxious feelings.  

Wild (Sweet) Orange: Much like bergamot, this sweet and citrus note is an adaptogen that can be either energizing or calming depending one what your body needs.  

Frankincense: Warm and spicy that can promote a sense of peace and relaxation. It’s a great one to help balance your mood. This one is special because when combined with other oils, it can often enhance the properties of other essential oils.  

Hawaiian Sandalwood: Rich, sweet and woody, this scent is really soothing. It is said to reduce tension, promote emotional well-being and has a meditative-like effect.  

Superstar Blends 

Now that we listed some of the top essential oils that are all about putting you to sleep, let’s get into some awesome combinations that when blended together can elevate and help you go to sleep faster and for longer periods of time. 

Bergamot + Lavender 

Both lavender and bergamot are ideal for calming anxiety and relaxing the body and mind. This is a good one for a restful sleep after a tough day.  

Roman Chamomile + Bergamot + Frankincense

Bergamot reduces anxiety, while chamomile calms the mind, both enhanced with the addition of frankincense. 

Cedarwood + Sweet Orange + Lavender 

Cedarwood is a popular oil for respiratory support, making it a good one if you feel like you’re coming down with a cold. This blend is also safe to use for children. 

Lavender + Sweet Orange 

While sweet orange oil can be energizing, when mixed with lavender it can calm the body and mind and focus on a good night’s rest.  

Sandalwood + Vetiver +Lavender + Roman Chamomile

Sandalwood and vetiver are both grounding oils for connection and balance. Lavender and chamomile have strong sedative properties, making this one a sweet smelling blend.  

Ylang Ylang + Roman Chamomile + Lavender

Talk about a beautiful sleepy floral bouquet, this blend is perfect for bedtime. They have soothing and calming properties that not only make the room smell like a blooming garden, but help ease you into sleep.  

Bergamot + Cedarwood + Sweet Marjoram

Bergamot releases tension and frustration, making this one a great blend for those days when the kids have tested your patience or work has been particularly tough.  

While a trip to the spa may not be in your immediate future, the use of essential oils to calm and relax the body and mind has incredible benefits. When we are relaxed and rested, we perform better and stress levels decrease. We hope these best essential oils for sleep inspire you to grab a diffuser, mix some calming oils and make tonight your best sleep yet.  

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