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Must-Have Girls’ Sandals for Spring

This time of year – shopping for spring sandals for my 4-year-old daughter – is always so much fun! There are adorable sandal styles out there, and she loves having cute and functional sandals to wear during the warm weather months. (Isn’t shopping for girls just the best?)

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Essential Baby Items

When you’re putting together your baby registry for your first kiddo, it can be hard to know what items you’ll actually use. What will be absolutely essential baby items, and what might sit in their boxes unopened (or just used rarely)?

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Step Into Spring With These Top 10 Mary Jane Styles

Think Mary Janes are just for kids? Think again! Though they make for adorable footwear for young girls, Mary Janes are absolutely for both girls and women alike, and they really have yet to go out of style. The neat thing, too, is that Mary Janes can work whether your style is classic, trendy, or edgy because so many variations of the traditional style are out there these days.

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Be Bright: How to Best Frame Your Sunglasses Collection 2021

You know how the saying goes, “see the world through rose colored glasses?” This means to see the world better than it really is – which isn’t really such a bad idea. I suppose with that kind of positivity you could make anything happen. Well, I’m here to tell you that rose colored lenses may be making a comeback this year. Along with various other sunglasses trends. Plus, aren’t we all ready to get outside, throw some shades on and hang out in the sunlight?! Yes, please! So, for that reason, I put together a list of trending sunglasses styles, so you’ll be well ahead of the game come spring/summer. And, how to look for the right frames according to your face shape, in case you may need a reminder. Together, these tips will help you build your best sunglasses collection for 2021.

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