Fast, Easy DIY Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

teens roasting marshmallows

By Stephanie Jarrett, Everything Arlington, TX!

Cooler weather has arrived, and there is nothing like spending time in the backyard with loved ones lounging in the backyard (especially in a comfy chair!). One of my favorite ways to enjoy my backyard this time of year is around my DIY fire pit, roasting marshmallows and hot dogs with my girls, enjoying the warmth of the fire while wrapped in a flannel blanket on a chilly evening. 

When we moved last summer, my husband suggested we DIY our own fire pit to enjoy in our new backyard. I’ll admit- I was skeptical. I’m no Chip Gaines. Creating something that could withstand and contain fire seemed daunting. However, after a quick YouTube tutorial, I knew my husband was right. We could do a DIY fire pit quickly and easily.  

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7 Ways to DIY Winter Décor

holiday decor

By Stephanie Jarrett, Everything Arlington, TX!

I’ve always loved the look of DIY winter décor. The deep greens, crisp blues, whites and metallics are so inspiring and soothing during the cold winter months. Winter is a season of stillness and wonder, with cozy décor that is easy to recreate yourself at home. Whether you want to add a winter wonderland scene over the fireplace, custom Mason jars to your tabletops, buffalo plaid blankets to your sofa or DIY your own wintry canvasses for your wall, read on for fun ways to DIY your own winter décor!  

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Simple Thanksgiving Table Decoration Ideas 

When it comes to Thanksgiving table decor, we tend to want to either change things up completely from the previous year’s decor or re-use some of the pieces we have at hand. This year Thanksgiving is all about cozy home inspiration as most of us will be spending it with our immediate family members. Not many are opening their homes to large gatherings due to COVID-19.  Either way you are leaning into going, we want to share with you some simple Thanksgiving table decoration ideas that include both options. 

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