Scarves & More Work-From-Home Wardrobe Essentials

woman in cardigan, tee shirt and tied yellow scarf

Look your best for that company conference call, online parent-teacher chat or your virtual book club meeting with scarves and other smart accessories for our “new normal” lifestyle.

These days, comfy is the new chic but there are still times we need to look — and feel — a bit more professional. Whether you’re wearing denim, dress pants or (honestly?) pajama bottoms, we’ve got tips and tricks for looking great online. Here’s the 4-1-1 on a great work-from-home wardrobe.

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Baskets for Spring Decorating & More

basket lined with burlap and filled with pastel-colored faux robin eggs

It’s that time of year when our dreams are filled with images of beautiful blossoms, leafy trees… and the rustic touch that woven wicker adds to spaces and occasions. We’re talking about baskets for spring decorating. Whether you’re getting ready for a delivery from the Easter Bunny, hosting a Passover Seder or simply looking forward to a greener season, a few baskets may be just what you need. Here are just a few ways to do so:

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Ode to Brooches: Pin-On Jewelry With Sharp Style

Collection of butterfly, insect and hummingbird brooches on blue background

What do Blake Lively, the British Royal Family, haute fashion house Alexander McQueen and former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright have in common? A passion for pins — not just the tailoring sort, but big, bold and bright brooches to set off an outfit as no other accessory can. The marvelous thing about brooches is that gorgeous bling can be had regardless of your budget. And shopping for these personality-packed jewelry pieces is an absolute pleasure.

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