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Must-Have Girls’ Sandals for Spring

This time of year – shopping for spring sandals for my 4-year-old daughter – is always so much fun! There are adorable sandal styles out there, and she loves having cute and functional sandals to wear during the warm weather months. (Isn’t shopping for girls just the best?)

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Essential Baby Items

When you’re putting together your baby registry for your first kiddo, it can be hard to know what items you’ll actually use. What will be absolutely essential baby items, and what might sit in their boxes unopened (or just used rarely)?

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Step Into Comfort in 15 of the Best Women’s Slippers to Stay Cozy at Home

With all the time we have spent inside, even more reason to turn our homes into that cozy oasis. By adding touches of luxury into your daily routine you create little moments that are just for you. So, treat yourself by slipping into some of the most luxurious slippers and setting aside time to relax in them each day. These 15 cozy slippers will surely calm your mood while keeping you warm and comfortable.

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