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Hats, Handbags, and Hair Accessories: The Best Accessories for Summer 2021

Accessories are crucial to any spring or summer wardrobe. This year it’s no different; however, as we slowly reemerge from staying safe at home, it feels like we will want to showcase our fashion now more than ever. From hats to handbags to fancy hair accessories – this season it’s all systems go! Accessories are a great way to start as they add a powerful punch to any outfit and are so great for layering or providing that glamorous extra touch. So, if you find yourself heading off on a beach vacation, the pool, or even for a casual stroll, make sure you are toting one of this season’s hottest accessories for 2021.

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Biker Chic, Not Biker Chick: How to Style Bike Shorts with Style

if you have been following the hottest quarantine trends of this year and last, then you will know that bike shorts have been one of them. They have proven undoubtedly convenient for any work-from-home lifestyle outside of sweatpants (when you want to switch up the rotation) and they are so easy to turn into effortlessly stylish outfits. Take the following seven simple ideas for example of how to style bike shorts.

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15 Decor Tray Ideas for Your Home and Home Office

You probably have a tray or two sitting in a cabinet or pantry waiting for the time you will take them out, and use them, or even display them. Instead of stowing your trays, keep them out. Serving trays serve up style around your home with our list of top favorite repurposing ideas for trays. Let’s get started with 15 decor tray ideas for your home and home office!

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