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How To Make Oobleck: Easy Science Experiment For Kids

Oobleck is an easy science experiment for kids that doubles as a mind-blowing sensory experience! This fun activity never fails to leave my 4- and 6-year-olds squealing with amazement as they scoop up a handful of goo and squeeze it tightly into a ball only to have it run through their fingers when they open their hand. Is it solid? Liquid? Just what is it and how do you make Oobleck at home?

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5 Helpful Tips To Make Online Learning Fun This Summer

Studies have shown that students exhibit an academic regression, known as the “summer slide”, during the summer months when they’re not in school. More so this year, since many of our kids have been distance learning.  Learning isn’t over once school’s out so it’s important that we start thinking about how we can engage our little ones in learning this summer. One way you can easily keep the learning going throughout the summer is with online learning. It’s no secret that today’s kids love technology, so why not engage them in something they enjoy. When you make summer learning fun, the kids won’t even realize you’re helping them prepare for the coming school year!

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