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Home Remedies for Damaged Hair with Ingredients from Your Kitchen

You may not know it, but some of the things you are doing every single day may be damaging your hair. Not only does your hair go through normal wear-and-tear, but there are other things you may be doing to damage your hair without even realizing it! These activities may result in dryness, limpness and breakage. There are also various environmental aspects that may be damaging your hair, resulting in issues including frizz, dullness and split ends.

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Step Into Comfort in 15 of the Best Women’s Slippers to Stay Cozy at Home

With all the time we have spent inside, even more reason to turn our homes into that cozy oasis. By adding touches of luxury into your daily routine you create little moments that are just for you. So, treat yourself by slipping into some of the most luxurious slippers and setting aside time to relax in them each day. These 15 cozy slippers will surely calm your mood while keeping you warm and comfortable.

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Postpartum Recovery with a Sitz Bath

A sitz bath is a therapeutic bath to help alleviate pain or irritation. Specifically, this allows you to address conditions that affect the genital areas. Sitz baths can be used to treat constipation, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and other pains. Following childbirth, a sitz bath will increase your blood flow to the area and promote healing and tissue repair.

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How to Make a Perfect Manhattan Cocktail 

Today’s version is strikingly similar to the original, a mix of whiskey and vermouth, dashed with bitters and garnished with a brandied cherry. The main difference, cocktail purists will tell you, is that the earliest recipes relied on rye whiskey. Many current versions use bourbon instead which offers a smoother flavor profile. Beyond that essential change, many mixologists and home bartenders have been experimenting with the Manhattan, finding innovative ways to vary the cocktail. 

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