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Getting Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night

One thing I know I thought about a lot as I got closer and closer to becoming a first-time mom was, “But what about sleep? How am I going to get this baby to sleep?” After all, we hear so much about how you should “sleep all you can before the baby comes, because you won’t sleep after she’s here!” and other not-especially encouraging pieces of unsolicited advice.

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Reality TV is Not Doing Wonders for Our Mental Health as Moms

 When my son was born, he came home from the hospital to a one-bedroom apartment only slightly larger than the room he’d been delivered in. His “nursery” – if we can call it that – was a portion of our shared bedroom where his crib was wedged just inches away from my side of the bed with a single illustration mounted to the wall overhead. I would have loved nothing more than to decorate a sweet little boy’s nursery for him, to pick a theme like “nautical” or “wild animal,” and select curtains with a matching rug for him to play on one day.

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