Eating Healthy During Pregnancy

Yay, you’re pregnant! So that means you’re eating for two, right? And bring on the ice cream, pickles, and anything you might have a craving for. (That’s how this whole thing works, after all, isn’t it?) It’s actually…not. Sure, pregnancy – especially the first trimester – is really a time to listen to your body and perhaps give in to some indulgences from time to time, preparing healthy pregnancy meals is an important way to help you and your baby thrive during this time.

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Baby Development During the First Trimester

When you first find out you are pregnant, you want to know all about the changes that will happen as baby grows and develops. You are asking yourself what to expect and how to take care of your new tiny one. The first trimester is full of changes and by the end of the first trimester weeks (weeks 1-13), you will be growing a fetus that is developing daily.

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