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6 Essential Fashion Items I Buy on Zulily

Remember when we all used to go to the mall and window shop? Even as the ease of online ordering has made me a more efficient shopper, I’ve never lost the impulse to “wander” through the options and explore new products and brands – and is a great place for fashion hunters to do that. With thousands of new pieces joining the platform every week, I’m guaranteed to encounter something that piques my fancy while perusing the website or my daily newsletter of product highlights. 

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How to Wear Y2K Fashion

Prince may have wanted to party like it was 1999 ever since the day he wrote the song back in 1982, but the Gen Z and millennial generation are trying to go back and dress like it’s 1999, today. I have seen this term swirling around social media for quite some time, so I figured it was time to sit down and fully dissect what it means, its history, and how you can pull off the look in 2021.

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