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The 3 S’s of Skinimalism, The New Natural Glow Up

The 3 S’s of Skinimalism, The New Natural Glow Up

No-makeup makeup is the timeless trend of creating the look of minimal-effort, natural-looking makeup looks. If you’ve tried to create this makeup look, you know that the glow up is anything but effortless. Getting that just-rolled-out-of-bed with glowing skin look is harder than it sounds, but a classic everyday look. As a model, I can tell you that this is the ideal look to show off your natural beauty. 

Minimalism is trending everywhere in 2021, even in the beauty and skincare world! The newest trend for 2021 beauty is called ‘skinimalism.’ The makeup revolution combines expert skincare and minimal makeup to create glowy, natural makeup looks. Say goodbye to caked on foundation, smokey eyeshadow, cat eye liner, and bold lips.  

Pinterest Business even predicted skinimalism as “the new glow up” for 2021, citing popular searches such as “natural everyday makeup” and “glowing skin how to get naturally” in their 2021 Trend Predictions Report. Pinterest predicts, “Pinners will embrace slow beauty and let their natural skin texture shine through. This new “effortlessly chic” routine is simple and sustainable.” 

This makeup revolution makes all the sense in the world, as many of us are working from home more often, lessening the need for a daily glow up. However, nobody wants to be caught off guard by a surprise zoom call with dirty, oily, red skin and raccoon undereye bags (been there, done that).  

So, in order to fully dive into skinimalism, here are the 3 S’s that you’ll need to know about: Sustainability, Simplicity, & Support.  

Let’s take a closer look… 


Sustainability has become increasingly important in today’s world, with many people and small businesses embracing upcycling, homemade products, DIY, and recycling. This applies especially in the fashion and beauty world! Sustainable, slow beauty is IN, expensive designer beauty is OUT.  

As a beauty blogger, I am frequently scouring the web and social media on a daily basis looking for trends. The phrases that I’ve seen flying around the most are “clean beauty,” “slow beauty,” and “organic beauty.” Expensive, overly-modified fast beauty products are quickly being replaced with individually crafted, unique products that are good for us, the creators, and the planet.  

Instead of heading straight to the Macy’s beauty department, buyers are browsing the internet for small businesses and hand-crafted products as a way to not only take care of their own bodies, but to give back simultaneously. Embracing skinimalism means giving up overconsumption and quick fixes and replacing them with minimal products that pack a punch in more ways than one! 


Minimalism has been trending ever since Tidying Up with Marie Kondo made a huge splash on Netflix in 2019. People are downsizing, simplifying and organizing their lives now more than ever.  

Remember not too long ago when influencers and bloggers would share their 10-step beauty routines? Not only was this unsustainable for buyers and the environment, but the implication that it takes this many steps and products to achieve a beautiful look was off-putting and intimidating to so many. (I can’t tell you how many times my mom has read one of my blog posts and responded with, “well, can’t I just buy one product that does all those things?”) 

Along comes skinimalism, with minimalism right there in the name! People are simplifying their beauty routines to save time, money, and the environment! Skincare companies are quickly rolling out products with multiple benefits (everyone wants a product with 10-benefits-in-1 am I right?). 

In addition to beauty brands keeping up with the skinimalism trend, consumers are now beginning to turn to their kitchens and pantries for DIY solutions right at home. (If you’ve read my other posts, you know that I’m a total sucker for a homemade beauty treatment.) A perfect example would be replacing your expensive Coffee Body Scrub with a homemade alternative using those coffee grounds that you normally throw away every morning. DIY homemade recipes are readily available online, not only saving consumers money and time, but benefiting the planet by recycling ingredients, as well. Pinterest predicted it first, with one of their top searches being “homemade skincare.” 

For some awesome DIY face mask recipes to try right at home, check out this post. And, for homemade treatments for damaged hair, check out this post. 


Last but not least, this one is possibly the most important of all the S’s. Supporting, grooming and maintaining your natural beauty is the essential first step towards embracing the skinimalism trend. After all, beauty treatments and products can only do so much for your glow up. 

One of the trending searches featured in Pinterest’s 2021 Trend Predictions Report is “face yoga exercises.” Say what?! Unfortunately, I suffer from a double chin, so I know exactly what this means. People are now adding face exercises to their yoga and fitness routines to tone their face and necks, creating the ideal base for their skinimalism glow up.  

Another way to groom your natural beauty right at home is through DIY beauty treatments like tinting your natural eyebrows, nourishing your natural lashes, and taking care of your skin. More and more people are turning to treatments that can be done easily right at home that will cut out one or more of the steps in your beauty routine (tinted brows means no need to fill them in, longer thicker lashes means no need for mascara, etc).  

In my opinion, the most important thing you can do to support your natural beauty is to take care of your skin. DEWY = HEALTHY, people!! The matte, caked on makeup look is out, and hydrated, healthy, dewy skin is all the rage. Taking care of your skin means treating things like acne, pigmentation, oil, etc. at the source in order to embrace and maintain your natural beauty, rather than covering it up with makeup. So, throw out that foundation and let those freckles and rosy cheeks shine through!! 

Embracing sustainability, simplicity, and support are the key steps towards creating your own skinimalism routine, and embracing your natural beauty! 

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Kari Emerson

Kari Emerson is a NYC-based blogger and model. She is the writer and creator of The Important Things Blog, chronicling her experiences navigating life as a 20-something in New York City. Her goal is to help her readers attack “adulting” in a stylish and resourceful way.

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