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The Best Funny Graphic Tees For Kids

The Best Funny Graphic Tees For Kids

In the world of graphic t-shirts, the number and styles seem endless. And regardless of your personality or the message you want to convey to the world, you’re likely to find a shirt to fit the bill. When it comes to dressing our boys and girls, funny graphic tees for kids are a great way to keep the look lighthearted and put a smile on anyone’s face. So, consider these tips for finding the shirts that makes just the right statement.

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1. Show some holiday humor

Take any seasonal celebration up a notch by decking out your child in a humorous holiday-themed graphic tee. It’s a fun and festive look they can even wear to a “mocktail” party. Shirts with slogans like “Sorry, Ladies – Mom Is My Valentine,” “One Lucky Kid” (complete with a four-leaf clover or pot of gold), “V is for Valentine Video Games,” or “Eggasaurus” (for Easter) might even make the prospect of getting your children dressed a bit easier – something that’s always a win at my house!

2. Animated Characters are Awesome

Does your child have a favorite animated character? If so, look for a tee that features that character in a funny setting or with a funny saying. Whether it’s a Peanuts kid, Barbie, a Disney princess, a superhero or a Paw Patrol dog, the chances are you’ll be able to find a t-shirt your kiddo will love wearing.


Do you have a drama-loving kid on your hands, or maybe one who’s a little on the introspective and moody side? What about one with tons of energy? Look for a graphic tee to showcase a particular aspect of your child’s personality. Such t-shirts include messages like “Tiny Tornado,” “Sassasaurus” and “Tiny Teenager.”

4. Lobby for Their Hobby 

Whether your child is really into dinosaurs, cows, reading, soccer, video games or some other obsession, you’re bound to find a graphic tee to let them show that passion to the world. Throw in a humorous phrase, and the t-shirt is even more fun for a kid to wear.


Is your boy crazed for pizza, or believes burgers are the best? Maybe ice cream is your girl’s favorite thing in the whole wide world? You can pretty much name the kid food, and there is a funny graphic tee for it. “I Heart Bacon,” “Tacocat” and “Chicken Nugget Appreciation Society” are a just few examples in this category of funny graphic tees for kids.

6. Have Some Family Fun

Does your child have a close relationship with an aunt, uncle, grandparents, etc? Let them show the love with a graphic tee sporting a phrase like “I Love My Nana” (with an illustration of a banana) or “It Was Papa’s Idea.”

While we all love it when our kids get along with each other, the truth is that doesn’t happen all the time. You can put an entertaining spin on sibling rivalry by dressing your child in a t-shirt with a message like “Will Trade Sister for Dinosaur.”

Other tees get the rest of the family in on the action. For example, a shirt with “Someone Get My Mom Some Coffee” can be a funny nod to the reality of many moms, and something we can all relate to a little too well.

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