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The Modern Farmhouse Bathroom: 10 Ideas For Your Powder Room

The Modern Farmhouse Bathroom: 10 Ideas For Your Powder Room

By Stephanie Jarrett, Everything Arlington 

Modern farmhouse décor has taken center stage in American homes in recent years. From reclaimed wood dining tables to Mason jars for every purpose, modern farmhouse décor is on trend in all areas of the house, including the bathroom. Bathrooms are often the first place people start when they want to redo their homes, in large part because there is so little physical space. Bathrooms can be the trial run for larger, more labor-intensive home renovations. Luckily, modernizing your bathroom to a farmhouse chic style is a fairly quick and easy endeavor you can accomplish without breaking the bank. 

1. Refresh the Walls

Farmhouse décor is all about bright light and clean lines. Consider repainting the walls or adding a fresh update with wallpaper, which is back in-style now. Wallpaper is easy to clean, making it a no-brainer in the bathroom. No time to wallpaper? Consider wall decals for an easy, quick update.  

2. Update Your Vanity Mirror

Replacing the mirror to create your modern farmhouse bathroom is an easy update that you can even DIY if you want to. Consider a mirror with wood accents framing it. Perhaps a round mirror with a square wooden frame. Or a mirror with an intricate and distressed frame. You can DIY by purchasing a simple mirror and building your own wood frame for a truly one-of-a-kind look. 

3. Refinish Your Vanity or Cabinets  

If you’re handy or have a decent-sized budget for a bathroom renovation, consider buying a new vanity for your bathroom. Simple, open vanities are on trend currently. Head to your local hardware store to purchase one ready to install, or consider building one yourself using an online tutorial. If your cabinets, however, are built-ins, or your budget doesn’t have enough wiggle room to allow for a new vanity, consider repainting your cabinets. White is simple and fresh but soils easily. Consider a medium gray to achieve the light, bright modern farmhouse feel. 

4. Add Some Flair with a New Shower Curtain & Towels

A bright white shower curtain will give you a blank slate to work with as you decorate your bathroom. However, if solid white isn’t your thing (because, maybe, kids? Or pets?), consider a black and white buffalo plaid shower curtain or one with black and white stripes. Both will still allow for the open simplicity of the modern farmhouse without the solid white that dirties quickly. Grab new towels while you are out shopping to update the space. Clean white or solid gray bath towels will look elegant folded in cabinets or displayed in open storage systems. For hand towels, consider a simple pattern in black and white. Think stripes or geometric patterns.  

5. Decorate with Simple Shelving

If you have the wall space, consider a few strategically-placed shelves. Refinished wood shelves you can make easily yourself lend a rustic feel to your bathroom décor. Customize them to fit your space and your desired color scheme. 

6. Enliven Your Bathroom with Simple Décor

Because the key to successfully updating your modern farmhouse space is simplicity, don’t go overboard on accent pieces for your bathroom.  

Choose utilitarian pieces that are both chic and functional. Mason jars are a staple in farmhouse décor, so consider them for your bathroom counter. Use one to hold toothbrushes and toothpaste, use another for hand soap (you can find Mason jar hand soap holders online) and even another to hold a delicious-smelling candle. Pick out Mason Jars in a fun color to liven the space. Consider teal, red or even yellow.  

Add a wire basket with potpourri to your vanity or consider a few succulents to lend some life to your space. Add a small wooden sign or two with cheeky or fun sayings to your shelves or counters. 

7. Rejuvenate Your Walls with Words

Rustic letters are easy to come by at most craft stores and are a delightful addition to the bathroom. Consider picking a simple word for your bathroom and spelling it out in tin letters in your powder room. Over the commode, consider Flush. Near the sink, consider Brush or Floss. On an adjacent wall, consider Refresh or Vitality. 

8. Lighten Up with New Light Fixtures

Don’t underestimate the power of a new light fixture. Updating light fixtures to wood or rubbed bronze accents can get pricey, but new fixtures can really transform the look of a bathroom (or any room). Pick something that offers enough light so d that you can apply makeup properly with it turned on but that still looks simple and chic when the lights are off.  

9. Don’t Forget the Floors!

If redoing the flooring in your bathroom is in the budget, go for it! Vinyl planking is a great way to update the floor that is both budget-friendly and very modern. The vinyl is waterproof (important in the bathroom) and meant to look like wood, which is perfect for the modern farmhouse bathroom. If new floors aren’t happening this time around, consider new, plush bath mats. Go with white or gray to keep the open aesthetic of the modern farmhouse theme, or go with a simple color to match your accents. Did you grab those Mason jars for your vanity in teal? Consider adding bathmats in teal, too. 

10. Make Laundry Look Chic with a New Basket

For a finishing touch in your bathroom, grab a new laundry basket with a modern farmhouse feel. Try a simple canvas one that stands on its own. Or, buy a large wicker basket. If it doesn’t come with a chalkboard insert, consider buying a cute chalkboard sign to hang over it that says “laundry.”  Simple stripes or a basic pattern would also lend farmhouse style to this necessary piece. 

A modern farmhouse bathroom can be an easy DIY project for a weekend. If you aren’t sure if you like the modern farmhouse look for your house, redoing a bathroom in this motif is also a great way to test out whether this trend is for you or not. Bathrooms are generally quick and easy to redo and a great way to hone your DIY skills! 

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