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The Most Calming Colors For You And Baby (By Zodiac Sign!)

The Most Calming Colors For You And Baby (By Zodiac Sign!)

Sleep? What is that? If you’re a new mom, those nightly ZZZs can be hard to come by. In fact, they may be harder to come by today than they were even a year ago. Zulily talked to 1,000 new moms across the country and found that the majority (59%) say they wake up at least three times each night. A similar survey about sleep-deprived moms from last year showed that just 16% of moms woke up as many times, possibly due to the added pressures brought on by the pandemic in the last year.

Color Makes A Big Impact

But something unexpected may be helpful when it comes to promoting more rest and relaxation at home: color! Not just for moms, but for new babies, too. Moms told Zulily that color plays an integral role in their child’s development, mood and life at home:


The majority of new moms (68%) say they believe the colors they surround their kids with affect their baby’s mood and development


80% of moms say it’s at least somewhat important to follow a “color scheme” for their baby


More than half of moms (65%) also say as their child grows, they will look to introduce them to other colors to achieve different psychological effects

The Most Calming Colors (By Zodiac Sign!) For You and Your Baby

Zulily’s home and style experts looked to the cosmos for some starry-night inspiration to help moms find a little color-induced peace and quiet come nighttime, or daytime. Together with design expert Kate Smith, Zulily created the brand’s first ever Astrological Color Wheel to help show what colors might be most calming for every astrological sign. Read on to see what colors you should be dressing up in and decorating with based on your sign.

Astrological Color Wheel
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