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Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Moms Returning from Maternity Leave

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Moms Returning from Maternity Leave

If you have a friend, sister, daughter, wife, partner or co-worker who is about to return to work after having a baby, this is for you.  Every family and mother is different, but the transition back to work after baby is always a big transition.  This mom is going to experience the changes around childcare, emotions, feeding, friendships, responsibilities and more. Now is a great time to think about gifts for mom that help her feel supported and encouraged during this time.

Gifts for Mom Returning from Maternity Leave

 As a mom who has been through the return to work season, I know how much a small gesture can mean. Now, let’s help you find good gifts for mom returning to work after maternity leave so you can leave a big impact on her!

1. A Special Piece of Jewelry

Jewelry is a common gift for women, but for a new mom this can symbolize so much. Many mom gift ideas are around jewelry, and back to work is no exception. A special piece of jewelry serves two purposes. First, it gives the mom extra flare and confidence as she dresses to return to work again. Secondly, it gives mom a gift she can feel and appreciate in small ways all day long.

Charm Bracelet or Necklace

A charm bracelet is a great gift that can keep growing with her; each charms symbolize different parts of mom’s life. Charms can be added to the same bracelet, or mom can stack charm bracelets. For the return to work, a charm representing love or strength is a meaningful message.

Similar to the charm bracelet, a charm necklace makes a great piece that is both a statement and a sentiment. With a charm necklace, mom can show style in a way that helps remind her of the big moments between her and her baby. 

2. Cute Bag for her Supplies

One thing all moms can agree on is that motherhood comes with a lot of stuff. There are always things that need to be handy like wipes, pacifiers and pumping supplies. A great gift for mom returning to work is a new bag to tote all of her necessities. Look for a tote, satchel, or a crossbody bag with lots of pockets. These bags will carry valued treasures, back up supplies and everything in between.

Mothers Day Personalized Jewelry
MKF Collection by Mia K. Pink Satchel

3. Framed Family Picture

When mom is working hard on a project, a beautiful framed family picture helps her remember her whyFinding the perfect picture frame means thinking about the size that would fit well in her workspace. Also, consider the colors that match the other office décor mom uses.

When choosing a picture, spend time asking mom about her favorite family photos. You want to make sure you have a photo that makes her feel confident and will make a meaningful gift for mom. Want to add on a bonus or team up with someone else to add to the gift for mom? Schedule a family photo session to capture the perfect moments and celebrate mom’s return to work.

4. Journal or Notepad

Returning to work comes with a lot of thoughts, emotions, and to-do lists. Celebrate this with a new notepad or journal for mom. She will be inspired by a journal with a cute picture and phrase on the front. She will also love a notepad that makes to-do lists easy to manage. Some journals even help mom to track her water intake, goals, and fun.

5. Personalized Gift

Sometimes the best gifts for mom is the most unique gifts for mom. She is unlike any other, and finding a gift that is just as unique reminds her of how special she is. There are so many options when it comes to personalized gifts. You could get her personalized pens or pencils to write the most important things. You could gift her a travel mug or mason jar with her name or favorite phrase. Help her stay on top of things with a personalized key ring. The simple things with an added touch of personalization are a perfect way to let mom know you appreciate her.

6. An eGift Card to Zulily

Share the joy of shopping with a Zulily eGift card. One size fits all. Plus, she gets to pick exactly what she wants.

When a mom returns to work after maternity leave, she shows her ongoing love for her family. Showing her that her work is valued is a great way to be a friend, partner, family member or coworker. I hope these gifts for mom gives you an idea that you can use to encourage someone you love!  

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Chelsea Skaggs is a postpartum advocate and coach who is committed to helping women kick the pressure to be "Pinterest Perfect" and have real, raw conversations to acknowledge and empower the postpartum experience. She provides small group coaching, eCourses, online communities and helps other women start motherhood-centered businesses. She believes that normalizing and empowering all the changes in life after baby can change the world and leads that effort at

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