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Top 10 Girls’ Hair Bow Styles

Top 10 Girls’ Hair Bow Styles

For me, one of the fun things about being a girl mom is the hair bows and accessories! The fact that my daughter was born essentially bald and remained that way for the first couple years of her life didn’t slow us down when it came to hair bows, either!

She’s now 4 and, I’m happy to report, has a head of beautiful blonde (or “yellow,” as she says) hair, and she’s still a big fan of hair bows. I’m grateful for that since I think she looks so sweet in them, and I love that they help hold the hair out of her face. (Related side note: Why do kids seem so unbothered by hair falling in their eyes? It would drive me crazy, but my daughter is completely fine with it! So strange.) 

In this post, I’ve rounded up 10 hair bow styles so you can find the versions that work best for your kiddo. There are so many fun ones to choose from, and whether you have a particular function in mind (e.g., it needs to attach without a clip because your daughter doesn’t have much hair yet) or are searching for a specific fashion statement, hopefully, this list of hair bow styles will be helpful. Oh, and be sure to visit Zulily’s site often to keep up with their current girls’ accessories lineup!: 



To me, this is the best option for hair bows for little girls who don’t have much hair yet. We used them for my daughter and they seemed nice and comfortable – not at all tight – for her to wear, and yet the hair bows stayed in place well, too. It’s essentially a piece of pantyhose that the bow is attached to!



This is my personal favorite bow style, and it’s a nice, simple, and classic one. It is kind of what it sounds like – taking a piece of fabric and tying it into a bow – resulting in a precious look for your little. (These can either be attached with a headband or with an alligator clip!)


bow scrunchies

As someone who grew up in the 90s, I’m so glad scrunchies are back in style! The ones with the bow element are especially cute, in my opinion. I love wearing them myself, and they also look adorable on little girls. They are, of course, also very functional in holding hair back in a ponytail or half pony. (Go for that side pony look if you really want your little girl to have a throwback hair style!) 


turban hair bows

This style of hair bow has really gained popularity in the last couple of years. They are also a good option for little girls without much hair, but work well for ones who have hair, too! The turban hair bows wrap around the head and feature a prominent bow in the front (to be worn just over the forehead).  


spiral hair ties

Okay, so these aren’t really hair bows, but they certainly are a perfect hair accessory for a little girl! Not only are they fun and often colorful, they’re also very functional since they help keep hair less tangled or bent. (For moms who deal with very upset little girls when it comes time to brush tangles out of hair – [raises hand] – this is no small thing.) 


LOOP hair bows

These tiny, delicate bows – usually made using a thin elastic band wrapped in a colored fabric and tied into a bow – are perfect for babies to wear. They’re so sweet!


oversized hair bows

Some mamas want to go BIG when it comes to bows, and there are definitely lots of styles out there that meet that criteria! These would qualify as bows in a variety of styles that are pretty large in comparison to your daughter’s head. For babies, these oversized hair bows tend to be attached to a headband of some sort (often a nice wide one) to keep them in place. Older girls might be able to get away with a clip instead.  


flower hair bows

Mix up the hair bow look a bit by adding a floral element! 


hair clips

Also not quite a bow but very trendy as well as functional for little girls, hair clips are a fun way to add some style to any little girl’s look. Whether you go for a more statement version plussed up with something like small pearls or keep it smaller and more simple, hair clips are great to have on hand in your daughter’s hair accessories collection.


felt hair bows

To change up the look of a standard bow, instead of using ribbon or a more traditional fabric, felt can make a nice alternative (and it holds its shape really well, so it’s not tied like a traditional bow). These are especially great for tiny bows for baby girls!

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