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Top 10 Girls Jackets For Spring

Top 10 Girls Jackets For Spring

This time of year feels so hopeful, doesn’t it? (And this spring in particular – compared to this time last year – has a certain lightness to it that’s so very welcome.) The weather is starting to warm up, flowers are beginning to bloom, the days are getting longer – and most mornings and evenings (and some days) absolutely call for a jacket!  

We’ve rounded up some of the top spring jacket trends for girls this year to provide inspiration as you shop for your kiddos. Oh, and don’t forget to keep an eye on Zulily’s girls’ clothing options so you don’t miss out on the adorable jacket styles we often have available at a great price!:  


Hooded denim jacket

A hood adds an extra element of warmth to a standard jean jacket, making this a great spring jacket for those still-chilly mornings and evenings. It also ups the cozy factor of a typical denim jacket, which all little girls will appreciate. Look for a hood in a fun color for extra flair! 


rain jacket

“April showers bring May flowers,” after all, so making sure your little girl has a rain jacket as part of her spring jacket line-up is sure to be a good decision. Look for a transparent rain jacket – that’s a trending rain jacket style this spring for sure and there are lots of cute transparent options to choose from as a result.


quilted jacket

A quilted spring jacket tends to be a bit cozier, slightly more formal, and a little more structured than other spring jacket options out there. They usually have a classic, timeless feel and can be handed down to other girls time and again while remaining in style as long as the jacket remains in good condition!


twill button-up jacket

Your daughter can’t go wrong with an adorable and classic twill button-up jacket in her spring wardrobe. Tip: Go with an olive jacket, which is a beautiful neutral that will match anything!


belted jacket

Add a touch more structure to a spring jacket by choosing one that has a belt that ties at the waist. 


embroidered denim jacket

Another take on the classic jean jacket – one that makes it a bit more trendy and interesting – is an embroidered version! Look for one with florals to make it extra stylish for 2021.



Not to be confused with a rain jacket (a windbreaker is closer fitting and is water resistant but not water proof), a windbreaker is a great transitional jacket to help any girl move from winter to spring. This year, look for prints like rainbow or tie dye to be on trend and oh-so cute. 


fleece-lined hoodie

For those mornings when there’s still a chill in the air, zip up a cozy fleece-lined hoodie jacket to keep your girl feeling cozy and ready to conquer the playground in style.


bomber jacket

Bombers never go out of style, but unlike a classic quilted or twill jacket, they pack a little more punch and have some more edge. Don’t be afraid to get a little funky with the color or print on a bomber jacket to make it extra fun!


lightweight vest

Okay, so this isn’t technically a jacket, but it sure is a good option to have on hand to help with the transition from winter to spring! Pair it with a lightweight long-sleeved shirt to keep her warm when she needs it, allowing her to ditch the outer layer if things warm up during the day.

Any girl is bound to feel great and be in style with any of these jacket options this spring! 

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