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Top 17 Kids’ Loungewear Styles 

Top 17 Kids’ Loungewear Styles 

If you’re anything like me (and so many others over the past year), you’ve definitely invested in some new loungewear for you and your kids. After all, we’ve all been home so much (in many cases, both working and attending school virtually from our bedroom or living room) that “real clothes” have gone untouched in our closets and drawers for days on end. (Thank goodness for so many amazing loungewear options!) 

We’ve all gotten so used to this loungewear wardrobe style, it’s hard to see us giving up such a cozy trend. It’s likely you’ll be investing in some more loungewear pieces or sets for your kids, and if that’s the case you’re in the right spot! I’ve rounded up 17 top kids’ loungewear styles. 

Before we jump into the styles, though, here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind as you make kids’ loungewear purchase decisions: 

-Look for soft, comfy styles with plenty of stretch. 

-Avoid tight wrist and ankle bands, as kids tend to dislike anything constricting when it comes to clothing (and kids’ loungewear in particular). 

-If you’re looking for especially soft and breathable kids’ loungewear, look for loungewear made from materials like cotton or bamboo. 

-Know that some kids’ loungewear styles fall distinctly in the pajama category (and should really only be worn at home), whereas other kids’ loungewear styles can transition from home to outside the home (and to Zoom classrooms!). 

-Many kids’ loungewear styles aren’t gender specific, so they can be interchangeable between girls and boys 

Okay, let’s dig into the 17 top kids’ loungewear styles, shall we?: 



There is absolutely nothing cuter than a child in a tiny robe. It never loses its adorable factor, as far as I’m concerned. If your children are anything like my 4-year-old daughter, they’ll insist on putting on their robe after every bath or shower (because I think it makes her feel a bit more grown up) – and I completely adore it.



Whether it’s a sweatshirt and long pants, shorts and a tank, or another combo, tie dye is SO in right now – and it’s the perfect fun and casual print for kids’ loungewear! Depending on your kiddo’s style preferences, tie dye can absolutely work for both girls and boys when it comes to kids’ loungewear, and if you’re a tie dye fan, too, you can even look for a loungewear set for you so you and your kids can twin! 


bodysuit loungewear top

This might be a kids’ loungewear option you’d want to bypass for younger children (the potty situation might be tricky), but for elementary-aged girls a well-fitting bodysuit can be a good kids’ loungewear option that stays in place to keep the outfit comfortable and intact. Even when playing hard, with a bodysuit they won’t have to worry about a shirt coming untucked or an accidentally exposed midriff. 


nature print

We’ve all benefitted by escaping to nature when possible over the past year, so why not incorporate that immediate sense of calm and relaxation into your kids’ loungewear by choosing a set with a nature print (think floral, camping, etc.)? 


animal print

The options abound when it comes to kids’ loungewear with animals on it. It’s especially easy to find comfy kids’ PJs that are covered in adorable creatures (or perhaps less adorable ones, if your child happens to be a fan of, say, bugs or dinosaurs). 



For dress-loving children, a nightgown is the perfect kids’ loungewear pick. Note: This is definitely something that would qualify as PJs and should probably just be worn around the house.



This distinct wrapped element on the top of this style makes it feel just a little bit different and, in some cases, can even allow for a slightly more adjustable shirt from a sizing and fit standpoint. 


fruit print shorts set

A kids’ loungewear set that’s shorts and a short-sleeved top covered in a fruit print just screams summertime perfection to me. Can’t you just see your kids snuggled on the couch or playing a board came dressed in a cozy loungewear outfit covered in watermelons or lemons? I’m here for it, and I’m betting your kids will be, too. 


ruffled shorts set

This is probably best suited for younger girls, but a kids’ loungewear set that includes a ruffle detail on the shorts and the sleeve of the top is so classically cute and sweet.


cotton striped pj set

This rather classic kids’ pajama look is one you can never go wrong with when it comes to kids’ loungewear, and it’s a style you can easily find all year and one that can be passed down from kid to kid while staying as on-trend as ever.


crewneck sweatshirt

Whether it’s a solid color, printed, or includes a nod to one of your child’s favorite things (like a sports team or city or TV show), every kid needs at least one crewneck sweatshirt in his or her kids’ loungewear wardrobe.  



I can’t get enough of joggers for me these days, and I love them for kids as well! Just like with adult joggers, these pants are a great hybrid option because they’re super cozy and your kids will love relaxing in them around the house, but they’re also perfectly acceptable to wear outside of the house as well. Talk about a win! 


yoga pants

Yoga pants have been an integral part of loungewear for quite a while now, and there are more and more great kids’ yoga pant options available these days. They’ll love them for the same reasons you do: They’re so versatile, they’re more comfortable than “real” pants, and – when paired with the right top – you can wear them just about anywhere at this point!


ribbed loungewear set

Ribbed fabric is so in right now, and it also makes for a cozy kids’ loungewear set. 



 If your child prefers a bit more give than they get with a pair of yoga pants, sweatpants might be a better kids’ loungewear option for them! Just be wary of overly tight ankle bands.



Different from yoga pants in that they provide a slightly looser, less compressive fit, leggings are another kids’ loungewear chameleon style that can work in tons of different environments. Look for fun printed leggings to make the look a bit more playful, or solid ones to tone things down or pair with a more patterned top. 


bike shorts

 My daughter lives in bike shorts under her dresses in the spring and summer (she has ever since transitioning away from more childlike bloomers), and I love that they’re comfortable for her and keep her a bit more modest in her dress, too, so she doesn’t have to think twice about playing as hard as she wants on the playground.

If you’re looking to add some loungewear pieces to your child’s closet, keep an eye on Zulily’s kids’ clothes section for some amazing deals on on-trend sets! 

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