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Top 20 Unique Baby Shower Gifts for Moms-to-be in 2020

Top 20 Unique Baby Shower Gifts for Moms-to-be in 2020

Baby Showers are popular topics nowadays, not only because sending gifts and virtual baby showers have become a new norm, but also because we’re always looking for new ideas. Anna Keller shared baby shower gifts for parents. But, I wanted to focus on you, you as a new mom. Baby shower gifts usually focus on what a baby needs. But what a new mom needs is often overlooked. And even though the little one takes priority, there are some things moms could make use of to make her transition to parenthood a little easier.

By Rina Chandarana, Zardozi Magazine

Dear Diary

Jotting down our thoughts and feelings actually helps us move forward. And new moms often have many fears and worries about the upcoming addition to their family. Gift your mom-to-be friend or relative a pretty diary so that she can make note of how she’s feeling.

Pretty Purse

A purse doesn’t have to be ditched for a clunky diaper bag. Find a bag that suits the new mom’s style so that she can not only store her baby’s stuff but also look stylish while doing so.


Unique baby shower gifts for mom to be don’t have to be fancy. Gift stationary and pens with a note about how mom-to-be can write letters to her future self and to her future baby to read many years down the road.

Essential Oils

essential oils

If you have already had a baby, you know that you can be left with stretches and scars. The right balms and creams can help moms get ahead of this even before the baby is born. This is one of the best baby shower gifts that you can give to remind a mom-to-be that she’s important too. Create a basket with these creams and include some relaxing oils and bath salts for her to use when she gets a moment to herself.

Relaxing Robe

Good baby shower gifts include a comfy robe. Once a bundle of joy comes home, a new mom wants to feel cozy too, wrapped up in a comfortable robe on those days when all she’s doing is nursing and cuddling with her little one.

Painted Nails

When a belly gets too big, it’s too hard to bend over to paint toenails. Gifts idea for baby shower should always include a little pampering. Go to your local nail salon to get a gift certificate for a special pedicure right before the baby is born or a little after.

Sleep Mask

Anyone who has given birth knows that any amount of sleep available is precious. So be sure to include a good quality sleep mask in your list of baby shower gifts. A little shut-eye gives a new mom the energy she needs to take care of a baby.

Dinner Outing

Cooking and cleaning takes a back seat once a new baby arrives. Baby shower gifts for mom shouldn’t leave out food. Choose a few local restaurants that deliver with gift cards so that your mom friend doesn’t have to worry about what’s for dinner.

Wide Eyed and Awake

Coffee is a necessity when you’re trying to stay awake all day after doing the night shift nursing. A coffee machine is certainly an unexpected, but welcome inclusion on your list of unique baby shower gifts.

Nursing Bra

Some are nursing bras are downright ugly, while others are aesthetically pleasing. Do some research to find one that suits your friend’s style so that she doesn’t feel like she’s switching all of her pretty undergarments for something dowdy and bland.

Photo Fun


Those first few days with baby are so precious and they fly by in the blink of an eye! Schedule a local photographer who specializes in baby pictures so that the new Mom doesn’t have to scramble around last minute looking for one to capture pictures of her teeny tiny little one.

Date Night

Create a little basket of goodies so that your friend and her husband can enjoy a little date night at home. You could include candles, a board game, some popcorn, and a few movies for a romantic night in. And don’t forget the wine.

Recipe Book

For those days when mama has to whip something up quickly, look for a book that has recipes that can be cooked up fast with few ingredients. Throw in a pressure cooker too to really make her feel like she’s well-fed in a hurry.

Baby Food

Speaking of food, let’s make it easier to make some healthy food for the baby too. A food processer works wonders when you need to make that pea and carrot mush.

Massage for Mom-to-Be

As a bundle of joy grows bigger in your belly, he or she can cause quite a bit of back pain. A mom-to-be will happily welcome a massage to ease some of those aches and pains before her delivery day.

Hair Care

Wrestling with a hair dryer may not be on the top of a new mom’s list. So get a salon appointment scheduled for her so that she can take a few moments to feel pampered.

Magazine Subscription

What do you do with all that time while you are breastfeeding baby? Instead of staring at the wall, a magazine subscription will keep mama busy and keep her mind on topics unrelated to the baby.

Money Mama

This may sound like a boring gift, but the gift of cash is actually valuable. Maybe there’s something that a new Mom really needs or she could put the money into her child’s savings account.

Say Cheese

Babies grow so fast, so you want to capture every gurgle and milky smirk. A camera isn’t a typical gift idea for a baby shower, but it is one that will be used a lot.


This is one of the best baby shower gifts and one you will likely want to give together as a group so everyone can pitch into the cost. It could even be a local hotel or a short road trip. Sometimes getting away from the norm is all that’s needed to feel refreshed. Afterall it could be a while before your friend goes on a trip again.

Baby shower gifts don’t always have to be about baby. Getting something for a mom-to-be will leave her feeling special too.

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