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5 Trending Handbag Styles That Get Carrie Bradshaw’s Approval

5 Trending Handbag Styles That Get Carrie Bradshaw’s Approval

For many of us, including myself, our fancy handbags have been shelved or replaced by more practical items during stay-at-home orders. Mine have barely seen the light of day during this year. If anything, I began to simplify or downsize my items to carry when I left the house down to a fanny pack or keychain wallet that was attached to my car keys. Soon, we’ll get to strut our style again in public. So, dust off your trusty Coach or Kate Spade bag as we begin to re-emerge (though your designer bags need love too).

I am here to say that handbags (and fashion for that matter) have been inspired by iconic characters of the past like one of my favorites, Carrie Bradshaw. What can we learn from Carrie Bradshaw’s handbag style that is also relevant today? Well, let me tell you because everything always comes full circle! (Spoiler alert: the 90’s revival strikes again!)

Baguette Bag

I could probably stop right here and tell you if you had to have one bag this season or year, the baguette would be the one. A baguette bag is usually a small shoulder bag, featuring a shoulder-length strap, rectangular silhouette, and a foldover or zip closure. Much as the article title implies, this is the bag that Carrie Bradshaw made famous in “Sex in the City.” In the scene where Carrie gets robbed in New York City for her fancy evening bag by an armed man in an alley, she’s told to”Gimme the bag,” After he repeats himself, “Gimme the bag,” she hilariously replies (almost to correct the man), “It’s not a bag, it’s a baguette!” Her Fendi baguette bag was equally as notable through much of the early seasons. Remember the Coach Soho Mini Baguette Bag with the buckle that everyone seemed to own in the early 2000s? (I did not). This style of bag is so cute with its cute short strap which fits perfectly on your shoulder and tucks right by your side. With all of the modern elements and design updates, the baguette bag can be found in some new styles too. Grab one in a bright color, with gold hardware or in a sleek animal texture. It’s such a fun little size too, like one of those fun-size candy bars.

Oversized Purses

This is the one time it’s okay for your baggage to be oversize and you won’t charged for it! Designers are taking it a bit to the extreme this season with some of the oversized bag styles on the runway. However, if you want to jump on the trend, it can be a fun one. You can find anything from huge hobo bags to enormous totes. Some of these so-called “handbags” resemble actual pieces of luggage! My advice? Do your own edit on how you want to interpret the trend. For example, if your style is like Carrie’s, you would do so with an oversized clutch bag; one that is both day and evening wear appropriate (probably something with feathers).

Colorful Bags

Carrie was not shy when it came to her sense of fashion. Therefore, neither were her bags. They were bright, bold, and beautiful! The baguette bag as mentioned above was a glitzy purple sequin. There is another famous scene where she struts through Central Park carrying a large structured navy blue Hermès Birkin bag. Fun fact: it’s later revealed that the bag was actually used to hide her baby bump in the scene while she was pregnant with her first child, James. I love this trend because you can make even the simplest outfit pop with an eye-catching handbag in a colorful hue. Lots of exquisitely bright colors that come in all shapes and sizes.

Chain Bags

Bags with hardware, chains, and any kind of gold or silver hardware are included in this category. The chunky gold chain straps or round clasp fixtures really make this handbag a standout style. Plus, we are seeing the masculine chain strap mixed with the elegant feel of a feminine leather pouch for a yin and yang vibe.

Relating back to Ms. Bradshaw was her highly coveted Dior Saddle Bag back in the 2000s. This dainty shoulder bag can also be carried under the arm. In this case, Carrie’s was a chain print handbag. It also came fixed with gold metal hardware with the initials CD for Christian Dior. The oblique design handbag is one of the most iconic handbags of our time primarily accredited to the SATC series. 

Belt “Tech” Bags

Another iconic Carrie Bradshaw look was the Gucci belt bag and crop she wore on Season 4. While the trend caused a frenzy back then, there was certainly a long period where the belt bag as not trending. Now, the belt bag is back with a vengeance! This season, the belt bag can be seen as a fashion-forward tech-related accessory to hold your cell phone. It’s great because if you’re just going out to run a quick errand, the belt bag will come in handy (even though it’s hands-free!). This on-trend handbag style is both fashionable and functional. You get the best of both worlds.

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