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Try These DIY Ideas for Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Try These DIY Ideas for Thanksgiving Centerpieces

By Drisana Wallace of Modern Cali Mom

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching I immediately started brainstorming DIY Ideas for Thanksgiving Centerpieces.  Luckily, I have tons of leftover pumpkins from Halloween that can be transformed into DIY Ideas for Thanksgiving Centerpieces.  I love recycling decorations if possible, as well, especially during the holidays where every penny counts.   Here are three easy and incredible Thanksgiving centerpieces to try at home.  

DIY Ideas for Thanksgiving Centerpieces to Try 

White and Gold Dipped Pumpkins 

Something about the white and gold combo for fall screams farmhouse chic doesn’t it? I love that you can easily turn plain orange pumpkins into chic centerpieces. The great thing about this idea is that you can use Faux pumpkins if you plan on starting your decorations early, or given that Halloween was not too long ago you probably have tons of real pumpkins that are left over that you can use before you throw them out.   

Items Needed 

  • 2 Medium Size Faux Pumpkins 
  • 4 Mini Size Faux Pumpkins 
  • Tacky Glue  
  • Gold Glitter 
  • White Craft Paint 
  • Paint Brush (2) 
  • Disposable Table Cover (for crafting on) 

Step 1: Whether you purchase real or faux pumpkins you want to make sure that they are clean and free of dirt and or dust. I would start by finding a nice open space for you to start your DIY project and lay down a surface table because paint and glitter can get quite messy.  

Step 2: Let’s assume you have purchased only orange pumpkins. Start by painting all the pumpkins white .Let them dry for the allotted time based on the paint you are using. 

Step 3: Grab the small pumpkins and apply tacky glue to each. Make sure that you apply the glue evenly over each pumpkin and make sure there is an excess amount of glue on each pumpkin. Immediately go to the next step. Do not let the glue dry. I recommend doing one small pumpkin at a time and going to the next step which is adding the glitter.  

Step 4: While the glue is still wet on the small pumpkins grab a paper plate and set it down. Pour the glitter over the pumpkin and have the plate catch any excess glue. The reason for the plate is that any excess glitter can be collected can later be poured over the pumpkin to add more glue. You can’t go wrong with too much glitter.  

Step 5: Paint the medium to large pumpkins completely white. Once dried, apply glue to the top of the pumpkin and about one inch down from the top. Think about it as a candy covered apple, only ¼ of the pumpkin will be covered in glitter. Apply glitter over the area with glue. You have the option of leaving them plain white, but I love that a touch of glitter can really transform your plain boring pumpkins into a chic centerpiece.   

Final step: display in the middle of your dining room table all month long to spruce up your holiday décor. 

Gold Pumpkins with Pine Cones  

If you haven’t noticed I have a love for the color gold. I think gold with white or gold with any other bold color for the holidays is quite festive and chic. I involved the kids on this DIY project by having us collect pine cones every time we went to the park the last several weeks. I love involving them because it just makes the DIY projects around the house that more special. They have told everyone that they helped with the Thanksgiving décor and they seemed overjoyed with helping mommy out. I try to involve them in crafts as much as possible. A good way to get them interested in crafts and art is having them help while they’re young with simple tasks based on their age. Side note, don’t feel guilty if you don’t have time to go collect  pine cones with your kids, there are plenty of crafts stores that sell pine cones and you can still have special moments that include the kids.  

Items Needed 

  • A variety of small-medium faux or real pumpkins  
  • Gold spray paint 
  • Gold Glitter  
  • Paintbrush 
  • Pine Cones 
  • Disposable Table Cover  
  • 1 long piece of burlap (made to hang on both sides of your dining room table) 
  • Tea lights (optional) 

Step 1: Whether you purchase real or faux pumpkins you want to make sure that are clean and free of dirt and or dust. I would start by finding a nice open space for you to start your DIY project and lay down a disposable table cover- because as mentioned above glitter can be quite messy and difficult to clean up.  

Step 2: Start with painting half of the pumpkins gold and leaving the other half orange. Let them dry. 

Step 3: Next spray paint the pine cones gold. While still wet pour glitter over each one and let them dry. You can use the paper plate tip I gave before in order to collect an excess glitter to use later.  

Final step: Lay out the burlap on your dining room table and arrange the pumpkins and pine cones throughout the table on the burlap. I love adding tea lights amongst the pumpkins and pine cones as well to add some sparkle and warmth! With or without the tea lights your DIY Thanksgiving centerpieces are bound to be a hit.  

Gold Thankful Leaves 

I love that Thanksgiving is a reminder to be thankful for everything that we have. On a daily basis we each talk about one thing that we are thankful for. We instill this in our young children as well that way they learn to be thankful at an early age. Here is yet another DIY Thanksgiving project that you can involve the kids with. The last couple of times that we have gone to the park we have collected leaves for our project.  

Items Needed 

Step 1: Write down something you are thankful for on each one. Make as many as you please. Maybe doing a couple a week leading up to Thanksgiving will be good for the soul.  

Step 2: Once you have written down what you are thankful for with a permanent marker apply the glitter glue with a paintbrush covering the entire front of the leaf. 

Final step: Place leaves in the middle of your dining room table. As an option you can add mini pumpkins or pine cones. Another option is to put one leaf on top of each place setting come your Thanksgiving lunch or dinner event. It definitely gives it an extra special touch for your family. If you do the place setting option you can do each person’s name instead of something you are thankful for.  

From white to gold pumpkins, leaves, and pine cones your DIY Thanksgiving centerpieces will scream festive farmhouse chic! I’m excited to see what you all come up with. If you need some holiday decoration inspiration check out these deals , Happy Holidays and thanks for crafting with me! 

Drisana Wallace

Drisana (Dris for short) Wallace built to bring together a community of mothers that had similar interests as it takes a village. As a content contributor for brands such as Fabletics, General Mills, PBS Kids, Pink Blush Maternity and more, she blogs about all things motherhood and lifestyle. I love the positive impact that Modern Cali Mom has in building a community. I love coffee, traveling and staying active with my little family – my husband, D, my daughter Danica, my son Dylan, and our dog, Duke!

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