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Unique Holiday Gifting Ideas for Everyone

Unique Holiday Gifting Ideas for Everyone
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By Michelle Stansbury, Eat, Drink, Be San Diego

Holiday shopping this year is less about the “it” present of the season and more focused on finding a thoughtful gesture for those you love. Especially with the CDC encouraging a holiday-in-place, sending a meaningful gift in your absence can help bridge the distance. Without the present of your presence, choose a gift that spreads joy and will make your friends and family think of you all season long.  

I love finding the perfect gift for someone, but it can be hard to get started. So, below are some of my favorite Christmas (and Hannukkah and non-religious winter holiday) gifts that might help get you thinking of the perfect present for everyone on your list.  

Gifts for the Home 

We’re spending more time at home this year than ever before, so this Christmas season, think about gifts that can brighten up the house. Candles and plants are two easy gifts that are certain to be appreciated. Candles have the added benefit of adding a little holiday sparkle to the home and can also be a great addition to any holiday dinners, making the evening a little more special. Jazz up houseplants with a beautiful pot or give them everything they need to create their own indoor garden

For a sensible gift for the house, consider a mini air purifier. As the weather gets colder and we spend more time with our windows shut indoors, air quality in the home can make a big difference. While some might be more used to industrial air purifiers now with the pandemic, a mini purifier is just right for an individual house or apartment. 

Tech Gifts 

Technology-enabled gifts are often hot ticket items, but there are plenty of great tech gift ideas that are affordable as well as fun. With portable speakers, you aren’t just giving someone tech, you are giving them the gift of music! Portable speakers are a great gift idea for anyone seeing friends outside in the fresh air, one of the recommended safety protocols for reducing the chance of Covid contamination.  

One of my favorite pieces of technology is electronic trackers, like Tile, for keeping track of your keys, wallet, phone, and anything else easy to lose around the house. In addition to your absent-minded friends, elderly parents or family members will get a lot of use out of the gift. They will thank you every time they quickly and easily find their keys in the fridge! 

Cozy Gift Ideas 

When the weather outside is frightful, a warm and cozy gift will be much loved by friends and family. Instead of a sweater, which requires picking a size, try a scarf or gloves. Since we’re spending so much more time in loungewear this year, slippers or a robe also work great with only approximate sizing.  

To give a gift to a couple or a whole family, try a soft blanket or throw they can curl up with in front of the fire. A weighted blanket is also said to help with stressed out sleepers. To fill out a gift basket, also include some hot cocoa mix and mugs for all the warm and fuzzy vibes.  

Gifts for Foodies  

From home mixologists to bakers and aspiring chefs, there is a delicious gift for every foodie on your list. A cheese and/or charcuterie board is a wonderful gift, or, for a less expensive gift, a lovely cheese knife on its own. For the whole family, try a sparkling water maker, like SodaStream. With the popularity of La Croix, the convenience (and reduction in waste and cost) of a sparkling water maker will be appreciated all year long. 

For a wine lover, a wine decanter will help them show off their favorite varietals in style. For a newer wino, an aerator will allow them to explore the difference the small tool can make to open up and expand a less expensive wine. For an inexpensive gift for wine lovers, a decorative wine stopper can be found for only a few dollars.  

Gifts to De-Stress 

Promote the self-care of the ones you love with gifts to help them de-stress this year. Lots of easy, giftable ideas help promote a sense of calm from spa-inspired pampering to reminders of your support. For some R&R, gift them with bath oil or salts, or create a gift basket with bath products, an eye mask, and a massager. Or, consider an essential oil diffuser to fill their home with relaxing scents.   

Crafty Gifts

For your crafty friends who have already mastered several DIY projects, finding them a new craft is a fun and rewarding gift. A starters knitting kit can help them discover the myriad of projects they can create with yarn and a few tools. A jewelry making kit is another good option! Or, for a more novice crafter, try an adult-focused coloring book. They have some funny coloring books for adults as well as zen coloring bookings that are relaxing as well as entertaining. 

Luxury Gifts

While a watch or jewelry is the go-to luxury gift, there are lots of other options that can give the gift of decadence without breaking the bank. For a timely accessory, shop for eyeglass chains that can be used as mask chains, even top designers are creating them now that face masks are an everyday items. Last year, I was given silk pillowcases, which I’ve used every day since! Beauty experts recommend silk pillowcases for smooth hair, plus they add a luxe element to the bed.  

Personalized Gifts

Giving a personalized gift takes some planning ahead, as the personalization can take some extra time, but is well worth the effort. An ornament personalized with the family name and year is a great gift for the home, while name stamps, coin banks, and initial jewelry will be adored by kids. For the adults, try a personalized coffee mug or even wine glasses for a gift they’ll love to use.  

Gifts to Keep them Entertained 

With the family spending more time at home, gifts to keep everyone entertained will be sure to get a lot of use. Board games are perfect for family bonding time, and puzzles can be done solo or with others. Going back to personalized gifts, a custom puzzle made from a photo adds extra significance to the present.  

Gifts for WFH 

Now that remote work has become a long-term plan for many, gifts to help with work from home can get a lot of mileage. It doesn’t have to be all pens and post-its; think outside the box for practical gifts that will bring a little fun into the day. Sound canceling headphones will bring some much-needed focus along with individual tunes. Upgrade their old drip coffee maker with a new pour-over coffee maker that will one-up their office Keurig. 

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