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Zulily’s Back-To-School #UniquelyZu Fashion Design Contest Winners

Zulily’s Back-To-School #UniquelyZu Fashion Design Contest Winners

We’re so excited to announce the winners in Zulily’s Back-to-School, #UniquelyZu Contest!

We received so many amazing entries! These six designs stood out based on their creativity, being on theme, originality and demonstration of the ingenuity and talent of the next generation of budding young creators and fashion designers.

The winners’ parents will receive a prize package valued at $6,000 including: a $5,000 financial reward towards their child’s education and $1,000 shopping credit on Zulily to get their child ready for back-to-school. Winners are eligible to participate in a bonus opportunity with the other winning kids and their parents in a virtual design session with Zulily, providing creative inspiration for an exclusive Zulily capsule collection to be launched in 2022.

The Winners

Vote for Kyrie in Zulily's Kid's Fashion Design Contest

Congratulations Kyrie!

Kyrie is a 7 years old from Riverside, CA who believes that fashion can make a statement that brings people together, inspiring unity and community togetherness. Her piece is titled “The Style of Peace ☮️, Love 💖, Harmony 🎵”

The meaning behind Kyrie’s design: “Kyrie’s mood board style theme is about peace, love, and harmony, as represented by the peace sign, heart, and musical note. We believe that peace and love bring harmony not only in the home, but in society. That has been an important teaching and practice in Kyrie’s life, so it was so fun for her to be able to express that in her fashion style. Fashion is a very impactful statement. Let’s make that statement be one that brings people together, inspiring unity and community togetherness through inspirational fashion statements.”

Congratulations Kamden! 

Kamden is an 8 year old budding entrepreneur from Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Kamden, aka  “The Bow Tie Guy,” sells charms and bracelets with his brother.

In Kamden’s words: “I was inspired to enter this contest because I wanted to show fashion options for ALL kids! Whether they are athletic, artistic, or even the class clown, I wanted to design an outfit that would fit their style. In all of my years of going to school, I’ve found that when I’m dressed comfortably, I feel more confident and successful. All kids deserve to feel the same!”

Congratulations Emma!

Emma is a 9 year old from Seattle, WA who designed a cheerful pastel color block fashion mood board. 

In Emma’s words: “I’m so happy that people liked my design and they voted for me! I love pastels colors and wanted to base my outfits on it! I like clothes that are simple and comfortable, so the color block look really stands out to me. This color palette is also perfect for any age and there are so many ways you can mix and match since all pastel colors go together. These outfits make me feel happy.”

Congratulations Jazlyn!

Jazlyn is a 9 year old from Post Falls, Idaho who showed off her sketching skills on her back-to-school moodboard.

In Jazlyn’s words: “My designs are a way to show how I feel. If I don’t like anything, I can change it. If I am happy I can wear bright colors. If I am feeling sad, I can wear darker colors. I think I am a pretty creative person and my art is a way to show that. My designs are a way to show that.”

Congratulations Marlee!

Marlee is a passionate 11 year old from Roseville, CA who created several animal print looks and a show-stopping yellow gown on her mood board. 

More about Marlee: “Marlee has two passions at this time in her life: animals and fashion. She is an avid reader and knows quite a bit about wild animals and endangered species. This Zulily contest was exciting for her as we discussed combining her two passions and using fashion to bring attention to wild animals in a fun way. Along the way she also discovered how much she enjoys sketching fashion.”

Congratulations Madeleine!

Madeleine (who goes by Mady) is a 14-year-old aspiring designer whose digital art skills thrilled us!

In Mady’s words: “I’ve always loved to draw and create, especially designing fun new outfits for different characters. I am inspired by bright colors, new fashion trends or even just people I see on the street and at school. This year I got to create our family reunion t-shirts (I’m wearing it in the picture!) and it was such a fun experience to see my drawing come to life. In the future I hope to have more opportunities to design and create!”

We want to thank all of the talented kids who participated in our fashion mood board contest! We were so impressed with all of your amazing designs. Keep up the great work and always believe in yourself. We’ll always believe in you, too!

See Official Rules for details about the contest and entry criteria.

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