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10 At Home Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day with a New Baby

10 At Home Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day with a New Baby

When you have a new baby, it can be tough to find time to make a love connection. You and your spouse or partner are dealing with nap and sleep schedules, feedings, pediatrician appointments and much more. Trying to find babysitter and squeeze in a night out together for a regular date night might seem impossible – and a date night for Valentine’s Day? Forget it. So how about a night in? I have some wonderful at home date night ideas for how you and your partner can have a special Valetine’s Day Date Night in and make it truly romantic. Your date might look really different this year, with a baby sleeping in the next room or cooing nearby, but that does not mean it cannot be fun and intimate.

Why Connection is key for New Parents

One of the best things you can do for your family after having a baby is to continue to invest time and passion in your relationship. Do not be surprised or discouraged if new challenges arise as you learn how to raise this tiny human together. There are many new things you will learn about yourself, your partner, and your relationship as you become parents. Along with the responsibility of parenthood comes new ways to experience joy, grow together, and become a stronger team than ever before. Even if your date nights take place at home and without a sitter, making this time together a priority allows you to maintain your mental, emotional and physical intimacy.  

A Valentine’s Day date night for a couple with a baby can be a great way to set aside distractions, bond over child-rearing, and make a point to connect with one another. Pro tip: Do not worry about it being perfect, but instead focus on having positive energy and a relaxed mood to connect with your partner. The energy you share together will have a bigger effect than any of the date details being perfectly in place. 

10 Date Night Tips for a Fabulous February 14 

There are plenty of thoughtful gift ideas that tap into to what moms and dads really want. Here are 10 terrific ways or cupid’s arrow to hit your hearts and have a memorable experience on Valentine’s Day without having to get a babysitter and leave the house.  

1. Take an Online Class Together

These days, there are a wide variety of classes you can take online. You and your partner can take a painting class where you get your own canvas and painting supplies, and then follow along with a teacher to create a masterpiece together. There are also several online cooking classes for whipping up a fun and delicious meal together. Choose a cuisine or dishes that you haven’t cooked before.

Think of something you would enjoy studying or creating together, find a class that matches your interest, grab your supplies beforehand, and enjoy an at-home date night from the comfort of your own computer or TV screen. The baby can be close at hand while you’re doing all this. 

2. Turn the Living Room into a Game Night Center

Do you and your partner enjoy some healthy competition? Turn your living room or rec room into a game night center on Valentine’s Day and play a fun board game, video game or card game. Want to up the ante? Pick a coveted prize for the winner. 

3. Recreate Prom Night

Whether you were high school sweethearts or would have had zero interest in the high school version of one another, everyone has a prom or homecoming story. On Valentine’s Day, turn back the clock to your school days and turn a room of your home into a dance floor for the night. You can throw in a snack station, mood lighting and a throwback music playlist. Put on something that you might have worn to prom (or actually wore to prom, if you can still fit into it) and enjoy some laughter and sharing memories. Add bonus points for sharing your funniest and/or most embarrassing high school prom or homecoming memories with one another.

4. Have an “Electronics Free” Night

In a day and age where everyone is constantly distracted by a screen of one kind or another, it’s good to unplug and disengage from electronics and engage with one another instead. An excellent Valentine’s Day date night idea is to stay completely off electronics for the evening and spend time rediscovering enjoyable activities you have been overlooking. You might find yourself buying a new book to read to each other or picking back up with your passion for creating art or writing together. It’s also inexpensive and will save you some money as well.

5. Have a “Fight” on Purpose

No, not an argument over the remote control or who has done the most dishes, a real “fight.” Choose your “weapons,” which could be pillows, water guns, marshmallows, or something else creative and on hand. Who knows, your baby might get a kick out of watching you go at it

6. Set up a Spa Night

You do not have to leave the house to enjoy a steamy bath or shower full of heady aromas and rejuvenation. Light a couple of scented candles in the bathroom, put on a well-chosen romantic music playlist, and then enjoy a deep soak together. Take turns rubbing lotion on each other, giving a foot massage, or another deep and intimate connection of your choice.

7. Hold An At-Home Progressive Dinner

Have you ever been to a “progressive” dinner? One house in a neighborhood hosts the appetizers, and then diners move on to other houses for the main course, salad, dessert, etc. You can turn the progressive dinner into a stay-at-home Valentine’s Day date night idea. You can order in from your favorite restaurants for each course or cook your own courses, layer up a dessert and set it up in a fancy presentation, with each room or area of your house hosting a different course.  

8. Plan the Future Together

Are you dreaming of your next vacation? Wanting to set goals for the coming year? It’s romantic to plan things as a couple, so make your Valentine’s Day date night a cozy time at home discussing a future endeavor. You can revisit your past trips, discuss your finances and joint accomplishments, and revisit celebrations for inspiration. Research places and activities you want to include in your future ventures. 

9. Create a Drive-in Movie 

There is something extra fun about snuggling up with your partner in a new spot. Use pillows, blankets, etc. to create a “drive-in movie” atmosphere and pull up a new or classic hit on your TV. If you want to make this even more like a big-screen movie experience, buy or rent a projector that you can use with a white wall or sheet.  

10. Name and Find a Star

Did you know you can have a star named? One fun Valentine’s Day date night idea is to name a star together as a couple and then go out and find it in the night sky. You can make a whole evening of this with cozy jackets and blankets, a warm drink, and even a fire if your outdoor space permits. You can even bundle up the baby and take them out for a little while.

With a little personalization and creativity, Valentine’s Day date nights for couples with a baby can be easily done at home and still be intimate and enjoyable!

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