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Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Kids in Your Life

Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Kids in Your Life

Anytime is a good time to shower your kids with love, but Valentine’s Day calls for a little something extra. If your kids are anything like mine, they want in on the excitement of every single holiday, and any occasion to receive gifts is a big win in their book. As you look for inspiration to show some affection to your little ones this February, we’ve gathered creative ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for kids. Whether you are helping your children with a school party, or just want to give them something fun, we have you covered.

Gifts Ideas for Each Type of Kid

We know every kid is different and so we have ideas for you that match almost every personality and interests.

If They’re the Crafty Sort

If you have a kiddo who loves crafts, give them a Valentine’s Day gift by restocking art supplies and adding in some fun decorative elements. Along with replenishing their regular supplies, introduce your child to a new crafting activity. Some favorites include kits to make charm bracelets, string art or dream catchers. Do not forget to also put a Valentine’s Day spin on the crafts with a heart stencil, red glitter or sequins. Bonus tip: give your child a coupon for one crafting afternoon with mom or dad that they can redeem, so you might spend some quality time together.

If They Have a Competitive Streak

Let your child bring out their competitive side with sports equipment or a fun new game. A board game or card game makes a fantastic gift for someone who loves to compete. A Melissa and Doug game is great for the little ones and trivia or multi-step board games appeal to older kids. If you want to add on to this gift, grab  a graphic t-shirt or sweatshirt with your child’s favorite animated character for “good luck” during games.

If They Are Builders

If you live with a mini builder and creator like I do, show them you appreciate how their brain works with toys they can build and tinker with. Younger kids love constructing things like wooden birdhouses and the older kids will enjoy putting together model ships, model animals and robots. Take it from me, you want to make sure to have a place to keep all of the tiny parts involved, so get a reusable bag or storage bin so nothing gets lost.

If They Are Budding Foodies

Oh, the child who loves decadent food. If you have a young foodie on your hands, chances are they will really love a gourmet food basket for Valentine’s Day. Put together a bunch of goodies, arrange them in a basket, and then hold a sophisticated tasting party together. Or, they can help you make a sweet layered treat for dessert. You can enjoy your child’s favorite kinds of food and treats, paired with sparkling water or fancy juices. Think of a wine and cheese tasting, but a version for kiddos.

If They Are Dedicated Fashion Followers

The chic child always stays on top of the latest fashion trends, and will love a trendy new outfit paired with the latest accessories. Make it extra special with a personalized jewelry accessory that not only looks great, but also marks a memory or occasion that is special to them.

If Being Pampered is Their Passion

For the kid who likes pampering, a luxury “self-love” gift basket will be a hit. Think of all the things they might like for a full evening of personal care: a bath bomb, a warm and cozy robe, and a new book. Your child will be set up for a totally indulgent pampering experience. If you want to go the extra mile, draw the bath yourself and give your kid a nice relaxing massage afterwards.

Valentine’s Day Activities for the Entire Family

Here are a few love-filled activities you can do as a family for Valentine’s Day.

Door Decoration

One way to get the whole family involved in Valentine’s Day is to have a door decorating contest. Gather up materials like wrapping paper, construction paper and magic markers and assign each member of the family to a particular door. You’ll see what everyone comes up with when their creative bent is given free rein.

Cookie Decorating

Cookie decorating is an enjoyable part of many holidays, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Make sure you have a heart-shaped cookie cutter and some icing and sprinkles in colors of red, pink and white. Encourage the family to be creative as they decorate the cookies to share with friends and neighbors, or enjoy yourselves.

Heart Hunt

Think of an Easter egg hunt, but with Valentine’s Day sweethearts (conversation hearts) or other small candies at the center of the egg. You can reuse plastic Easter eggs or get creative about where to hide the hearts to be found. This is a fun way to make extra use out of sweets for the holiday, and give your kids an imaginative way to find them.

Heart Shaped Cookies with red, pink, and white frosting and sprinkles

Ideas for Valentine’s Exchange at School

Another occasion for Valentine’s Day gifts for kids is parties at school, and it’s a wonderful opportunity for you and them to get creative and festive. If you want to go above and beyond the traditional folded card and piece of candy, here are some imaginative gifts for the class.


Paper bookmarks with a sweet Valentine’s day message on them can be a great gift for the class. Make sure your child signs his or her name somewhere on the bookmark, and writes the appropriate message for each classmate. You can even find some bookmarks that are colorable, which lets the giver or the recipient add a little extra pizzazz.

Glow Sticks

Every kid loves glow sticks and when your kid adds on a message like “You light up my life!” it can be an especially fun alternative to the traditional candy gifts.

Friendship Bracelet

Another of the fun and special Valentine’s Day gifts for kids are friendship bracelets. If your child is a crafty creator, have them make a unique bracelet for each classmate. This provides an extra personal touch and is something the whole class can bond over.

Pencil with topper

A fun and colorful spin on the Valentine’s Day card, pencil toppers are a creative way to share a message and a cute new pencil.

Make Valentine’s Day About Kindness This Year

No matter how you choose to celebrate, this Valentine’s Day can be a time to express love for mom, dad, and your kids, so use this time to enjoy sweet moments and memories. Valentine’s Day is also a great occasion to talk to your kids about showing kindness and love to those around us.

Show Some Love

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