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Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Man in Your Life

Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Man in Your Life
Every year I hear women talk about their struggle to find a great Valentine’s Day gift for their partner. I totally get it, since my partner is the “man who has everything” and hard to shop for. He’s content with his possessions most of the time, and when he needs something, he buys it himself. Undeterred, every year I put my thinking cap on and find fun and creative gifts that he loves. If you are looking for the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men, I have you covered with some suggestions. 

Know What He Likes 

Have you ever explored or taken a quiz on yours and your partner’s love language? Thinking about your love language can give you some insight into how you give and receive love. It can also help you figure out what your partner might enjoy receiving from you, whether it’s a tangible gift, a coupon for an act of service, or a shared experience.

When you are better able to understand how your partner feels truly loved, you can shift your gift-giving to meet their desires. Another benefit to understanding love language is it opens up conversation and communication with your partner, making relationships stronger.  
Another way to stay in tune with what your partner would enjoy most is to keep notes throughout the year. Did he express interest in something he saw at the store a few months ago? Is there a hobby he’s mentioned that you think he would enjoy? Making a gift decision right at Valentine’s Day crunch time” is hard. When I collect ideas for best gifts throughout the year, it makes it much easier.

Pro-Tip: Keep a note on file in your phone, and make sure to name it something you will remember, or pin the note. Add to the file whenever your partner gives you clues about what he might like for a gift.  


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Lead the Way to His Heart 

Don’t fret if you’re having trouble picking out something perfect for your special man, this list of best Valentine’s day gift ideas for men is here to help!

if he has a Sweet Tooth

Have a sweet tooth for a partner? These days there are so many uniquely flavored goodies to enjoy, plus a plethora of throwback sweets from when you were a kid. You can even buy candy in a personalized container, so there is no question about whose sweets stash is hiding up on the secret shelf. Want to turn the gift giving into a fun outing? Head to a local store that carries old-school candy and give him a jar to fill with his favorites.  

if he’s into Hot and Spicy

Does your guy love a good challenge for his mouth, by way of hot and spicy foods? Give him the chance to show off his taste bud tolerance with something that packs a punch. Gift him a variety pack of spices, a jerky and cheese gift set, or a create-your-own hot sauce kit. Or cook him a meal with a real kick to it. 

if he loves getting cozy

Want a gift that makes you want to snuggle up? Treat your guy to something cozy and luxurious. Everyone loves a high-quality fleece, whether it’s a robe, a jacket, or a blanket.  A bonus perk with a throw or blanket is that you get to enjoy the warmth,

if he’s into Music 

Upgrade his music-enjoyment experiences with a speaker that helps him get into the groove. Snag a wireless speaker for his office, movie room or home gym, and you can even find speakers that match your décor. If your dude is always on the move, get him Bluetooth headphones so he can stay plugged in.

if he’s the Master Builder

Is the man in your life always saying, “Hey honey, come look at what I made”? If he is, give him the opportunity to show off his skills with something he can create on his own, with you, or with the kids.

The gift could be something like carpentry tools, a model car, wooden puzzle or Lego kit. You might also give him a home brewing kit (with a personalized beer mug) or an at-home organic mushroom growing kit.

if he’s the Adventurer

Does your special dude always want to get out of the house into the wilderness to try something new? Give him a gift that sets his adventures up for success. Upgrade his outdoor gear so he’s ready for a day or weekend in the wild. Check to see if he needs new hiking boots, camping stuff, ways to stay warm, or gadgets to support his exploring.

Want to bring the adventure right to your home? Start up a fire in the fire pit in the backyard and play an “escape room in a box” game, where you are challenged to unearth clues and solve puzzles.

if He Just Wants to Relax 

Who doesn’t want permission and the means to just take time to relax? If your man is always on the go and you want to say “thank you” for all his hard work, give him the gift of relaxation this Valentine’s Day. Treat him to a spa day or give him something as simple as a candle with a rustic scent (cedar or sandalwood are often popular), a massage gun, or an aftershave or lotion that feels heavenly.  

If He’s Always Losing Keys  

If your fellow is always asking if you have seen his keys, wallet or phone, a simple organizer might be a huge help. There are many varieties of holders and organizers you can buy him. Placed on his desk, near the front door, or in the car, an organizer is great spot to stash items he typically misplaces. 

Make it Personal

Want to mark a special moment, date or picture? Add a personal touch for Valentine’s Day this year with a personalized gift. From photos to star maps and even boxer shorts with a custom photo on them, the opportunities to personalize are endless.  

give The Gift of Time

Some of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men are experiences, not objects. If the man in your life loves quality time with you, upgrade your date night and plan an experience you can do together. This could be a trip you take, a night out, or trying something new together such as axe throwing, fruit picking or face painting. Sometimes an experience together is the only thing he really needs for a gift.  

Whether you are looking for best Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend, husband, uncle, dad, friend or any other man in your life, these ideas can help you find something he will love. And remember, you shouldn’t stress too much about finding the absolute perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him – even if you’re distracted by a new baby. The day is about showing how much you truly value his love and partnership.  

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