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Welcome Home: 14 Housewarming Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

Welcome Home: 14 Housewarming Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

Know someone who just bought a new home? It can be overwhelming with emotions, endless to-do’s, and the unknown of starting something new. A gift is a great gesture, but choosing one that doesn’t add clutter to a multitude of existing boxes can be a challenge.  

We’ve rounded up our best housewarming gift ideas that check all those boxes. Whether it’s a loved one that has just moved in or someone that you might not know on a super personal level, we’ve got you covered.  

Soft Textiles

The goal when buying a housewarming gift is to not conflict with the decor style or aesthetic of the home. Soft and comfortable gifts that invoke a feeling of being home and cozy can make really great gifts with some simple rules.  

Throw Blankets 

Find blankets in neutral colors in soft fabric that can be thrown on the couch.. Stay away from bright colors and patterns that could otherwise detract from the decor style. Machine-washable is a plus!  


Save this gift for a friend or family member, as bedsheets can sometimes be too personal to give to someone you don’t know as well. That being said, sleeping on brand new, freshly washed sheets on the first night in your new home sounds pretty awesome.  

Kitchen Towels 

I love giving kitchen towels as gifts. With so many styles, colors and fabrics, it’s one of the most useful housewarming gifts. From funny sayings to luxurious fabric that can even be personalized, it’s a gift that will get immediate use- it’s a kitchen essential after all!   


Dinner meals and snack bags are definitely appreciated during the first few weeks of the craziness that is involved in moving into a new home. An edible gift is not only packaged beautifully, but doesn’t take up space and is always enjoyed.  


Honey is a great gift, especially if it’s local. Because local honey contains a blend of local pollen, it can strengthen a person’s immune system and reduce allergies, making it a useful gift in a stressful time.  

A beautiful jar of quality jam can be a thoughtful and delicious treat, not to mention an easy breakfast on those first few days where not every kitchen item is unpacked.  


While it can seem cliche, a nice bottle of Champagne, wine or spirits is totally appropriate and appreciated to celebrate the momentous occasion. The options to make it unique are really endless. Personalize the label or make it a cocktail gift basket with mixers and garnishes. 

Homemade Baked Treats 

Let’s not underestimate the deliciousness of a box of cookies or a batch of homemade cinnamon rolls. Baked goods are always appreciated, delicious, don’t take up any permanent counter space and super thoughtful.  

For the Family

Moving can be hard on kids, with emotions running high and parents busy with everything else. While it’s easy to focus on the person making the move, let’s not forget the little ones making the transition as well. Pets included!  

Family Game 

Board games, puzzles, or even a movie rental with popcorn, a housewarming gift that includes the whole family is a great idea. Make sure to take note of kids’ ages and interests and cater it to the whole crew.  

Gift Cards 

Take a drive around the neighborhood and see if there are some cool restaurants or entertainment venues that the family could enjoy and give them a night out in their neighborhood.  

Another great gift card idea is for anything they might need in their new home including furniture, tools, or decor. It’s your contribution to helping them design the home of their dreams.  


While a new home can smell clean and airy, a particular fragrance can really set the mood. Whether to invigorate and focus or calm and relax, scents are powerful 


Gifting a candle or diffuser might seem boring, but it’s really a great gift for new homeowners. A calming lavender can be lit in the evenings to help set the mood to end the day, while citrus can boost energy during that mid-day slump. There are a ton of essential oil blends and candles for every kind of mood. I personally like lemongrass as it’s not too fragrant, great for the living or kitchen, and smells wonderful.  

Hand Soap/Lotion 

A luxurious hand soap and lotion duo in pretty bottles can make the new home feel that much more elevated in a time of chaos. Find a scent that isn’t too sweet or floral, but more spa-like.  


While this gift needs to be placed somewhere and does require a bit of care and space in the home, the benefits are worth it. The trick is to find greenery that is easy to care for and doesn’t require a huge space.  


plant is a great housewarming gift for both green and black thumbs. Find plants that don’t require a lot of love and care and can withstand some neglect. 

A snake plant is beautiful, can be left alone for weeks with a little water and indirect sunlight, and even works to clean the air of toxins and pollutants. A money tree is a great gift idea and is said to bring wealth to the receiver. Fun fact: the custom is for the recipient to “stick a dime in the soil” to ensure an abundance of prosperity.  

Door Wreath 

For a simple gift that is considered decor but can be hung and forgotten about, consider an evergreen door wreath. Choose magnolia, olive branches, and simple plants that can either be bought or DIY.  


A housewarming gift idea that is all about being useful, tools can really help get things set up, working, and built. While they aren’t exactly beautiful, they are thoughtful nonetheless.  

Tool Kit 

Whether it has just the basics or professional grade for the home builder, a tool kit is a great gift. Tasks are bound to come up, so it’s best to be prepared for those little jobs. It doesn’t hurt to have an extra hammer and set of nails around.  


How about an Echo Dot or Google Mini for the family? Not only will it help answer a multitude of questions, but these portable technology devices also have game capabilities and can even sync up with shopping apps and even turn on your TV! 

Finding a housewarming gift for a new homeowner can be fun, thoughtful and functional all at the same time. Choosing something useful, yet beautiful, thoughtful without taking up space can be tricky. We hope these housewarming gift ideas inspire you to find that perfect gift for the big milestone.  

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