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When Do Kids Stop Napping? Tips to Decide When to Reduce Kid’s Nap Time

When Do Kids Stop Napping? Tips to Decide When to Reduce Kid’s Nap Time
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By Drisana Wallace of Modern Cali Mom 

Naps in our household are heaven-sent. Mama needs her breaks and I take those well-deserved mental breaks when my kids nap. My goal has always been to encourage my children to take naps and or ‘rest periods’, depending on their age. Having multiple kids definitely makes that trickier, however, it’s definitely doable if you schedule those sibling naps around the same time. At birth, your babies have a handful of naps and they gradually decrease those naps as they grow older. Babies need about 14-17 hours of sleep per day and toddlers need about 12-15 hours of sleep per day. Those hours include hours slept at night and during naps.  

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Drisana Wallace

Drisana (Dris for short) Wallace built to bring together a community of mothers that had similar interests as it takes a village. As a content contributor for brands such as Fabletics, General Mills, PBS Kids, Pink Blush Maternity and more, she blogs about all things motherhood and lifestyle. I love the positive impact that Modern Cali Mom has in building a community. I love coffee, traveling and staying active with my little family - my husband, D, my daughter Danica, my son Dylan, and our dog, Duke!

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