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Our Handy Shopping Guide to Winter Coats For Kids

Our Handy Shopping Guide to Winter Coats For Kids

Finding the perfect winter coats for your kids is often a challenge. I thought we were all set when it came to a winter coat for my four-and-a-half-year-old daughter, since I’d intentionally bought her a size 4T last year so it would fit her again this year. But then we got the coat down from the attic and tried it on her. It was just a bit too tight, and certainly not something that was going to fit with winter layers beneath it.

So back to the drawing board I went, on the hunt for another winter coat. I ended up buying a puffy coat big enough that my daughter can potentially wear it again next year, and I also got it in the color black so that her little brother will not be embarrassed to wear it when she’s done with it.

If you’re in the same boat, and are searching for winter coats for your own girls or boys outerwear, here are some styles to consider for your kids.

Puffy Jackets for Kids
Kids puffy coats in entry way

puffer coat

Arguably the most popular current style of kid’s coat, the puffer coat or puffer jacket comes in many forms and offers abundant warmth as well as a waterproof layer (in most cases). This makes the coat a good option for outdoor play in the winter, particularly in climates that get a lot of snow and ice.

faux shearling

This style mixes coziness with trendiness and elegance. It’s not a “play in the snow” kind of coat, but a shearling or faux shearling coat is generally very warm, so it works in even the coldest climates. It’ll also look good hanging up, when the kids come inside for fun activities and maybe a little hot chocolate, too

tweed coat

If you’re shopping for coats for men, women’s coats, coats for your precious girls, or coats for your favorite boys, consider a true classic: the tweed. Tweed coats are always in style, and a tweed will have your child looking perfectly “put together” and ready for any outing this winter. I particularly love the versions for girls with especially dramatic collars and large buttons.


The peacoat is another classic look for sure. With the double row of buttons and warm wool, any child looks and feels great in a peacoat in the winter – although like the shearling, it’s not quite as good for playing in. Look for the signature anchors engraved on the buttons for an even more classic peacoat style.

melton coat

Melton cloth is usually made of wool and is thick, smooth and solid, resulting in a high-quality coat that is wind and weather resistant. It’s durable, yet the coat’s material feels almost as soft as felt.

sherpa-lined coat

Talk about being cozy and warm – anything in the sherpa-lined style is going to be a coat your child is sure to love. My daughter is all about things that are soft (she adores her bathrobe and frequently requests to sleep in it), so this style would definitely get her stamp of approval.

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