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Women’s Swimwear Trends You’ll Love for 2022

Women’s Swimwear Trends You’ll Love for 2022

It’s been a few years since I felt like a highly fashionable summer babe. Between breastfeeding and chasing toddlers around the beach and pool, I haven’t found the time to keep up with what’s in vogue. Most of my recent swimwear purchases have been last-minute grabs, with not as much attention to style as I would have liked. In 2022, however, I have made it a New Year’s resolution: This is my year to find a stylish bathing suit I really love. I did some research on the top women’s swimwear trends of 2022, so if you share my goal of getting suited up fashionably regardless of your size and shape, you’ll appreciate these tips.  

Bathing Suit Style Trends

There are a few main trends emerging for the 2022 swimsuit lines. Whether your preference is bikini or one-piece, you will have many swimwear options to choose from, with unique styles and bold colors. You will also be surprised by some cool features (see: belts and pockets) coming to swimsuit fashions.


Show some skin! Possibly the most distinct suit trend is the cutout style, with some of the material cut away in the form of slits or keyhole details. Cutouts can let you show off a bold, fun and sexy style. You will find many two-piece bathing suits with cutouts between the breasts and/or on the hips. The options are even more extensive with one-piece suits: here there are cutouts on some combination of the sides, the stomach and the chest. Cutout styles are a fun way to show a little skin, while choosing what and how much you want to show off.

High-Waisted Bikinis

Many moms love the high-waisted bikini bathing suit trend, since these swimsuits have a vintage feel and provide extra coverage around the tummy. High-waisted suit bottoms pair well with a variety of tops, including bandeau, triangle and flowy tankini tops.


You can show a little more skin on your upper torso with a one-shoulder suit (which comes in both one-piece and bikini styles), which has a strap over one shoulder but not the other. It provides coverage with a bit of flair.

As a personal warning, I do not recommend this style of suit if your kids like to grab the side of your suit and pull on it while swimming with you. In that case, you want both straps in action to keep your chest covered, trust me.

Long Sleeves

While we are used to seeing long-sleeved suits (the rash guard style) for our kids, this year get ready to see more long-sleeved options for women as well. An increasing number of tops (mostly one-piece, but there are two-piece versions as well) are sporting the long sleeve style, and if you are a fair-skinned woman like me who likes skin coverage, this is a very welcome trend. Cover-ups are another fashionable form of sun protection.

Open-Backed Suits

Who knew that exposing the back could be such a frisky look? Get ready to see all kinds of choices in the open-backed one-piece version of suit. With everything from strappy to deep-V styles, you can really show off your fashion personality with open-back options this year.

Open Back One-Piece Swimsuit
Red and white striped bikini

Bathing Suit Print Trends

So now that you have a style in mind, let’s talk about print trends to get you looking fabulous as you roll into 2022.


Want to tap into your expression of individuality and go against the cultural grain? Tie-dye represented that in its 1960s heyday, and it’s back in many forms. Show off a bit of hippy panache at the pool this year with tie-dye of all colors.

Color Blocking

Bold color blocks are in, and the geometric blocking of these patterns helps you make a striking statement. Color blocks are maybe my favorite emerging print trend, and this style can be shown off with both two-piece and one-piece bathing suits.

Animal Print

This is not a new trend, but you can expect animal prints to fill the beaches and pools in 2022. Animal prints have become more versatile, with lots of mix-and-match solids and patterns. Expect to see cheetah, leopard and zebra prints.


This year, embrace all things neon! If neon colors suit your fancy, you will have many options for bold and bright swimwear. Bonus tip: When you’re swimsuit-shopping for your boys and girls, consider decking them out in neon suits as well, so they are easy to spot at the beach or pool.

Pop Art Prints

Think Andy Warhol, newspaper headlines, comic books, and your favorite foods and famous faces. Pop art is making its way back to bathing suits, so you can make a fun and retro visual statement with your suit choices.

Bathing Suit Features to Love

We have swimsuit styles, we have swimsuit patterns – now let’s talk all the cool extra features and details you’ll see on swimsuits this year. From practical (hello, pockets!) to racy lace ups, you can have the pick of your pleasure.


If you want to add another cool feature, try a suit with a belt. Belts are being seen on the top or bottom of a two-piece suit, or as a cute way to break up a one-piece swimsuit. 


In 2022 not only do dresses have pockets, but swimsuits do, too! And it’s quite possibly our favorite new swimsuit trend. A few popular lines are carrying high-waisted bottoms that include pockets. The pockets are small, so you will probably only be able to carry a debit card or hotel key card or small tube of lip balm or car keys, but the pockets are nice to have and they’re a cute style element.  

Lace-Up Sides 

Want to add a chic touch to your swimsuit? You can find several one-piece suits with lace-up sides. This is not only a sophisticated look, but it also allows you to alter the suit a bit to fit your body. If you want to be even more lively, opt for the two-piece suit with lace-up bottoms.  

Mom, you deserve a new suit

As moms, we can forget to tap into our own style and let our personalities come out. And, we also forget that we deserve something new that isn’t threadbare from a few years of wear and tear in the kiddie pool.

The swimsuit trends for women in 2022 prove that there is a way to show off your character in subtle and bold ways.  If it’s been a while since you found a suit you really love for your body and your personality, 2022 is the year to bring that woman back out to play!

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