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5 Reasons to Have Your Bachelorette Party at a Yoga Retreat

5 Reasons to Have Your Bachelorette Party at a Yoga Retreat
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By Koya Webb

One tradition that I love is the bachelorette party. It’s all about celebrating transitions and milestones – and connecting a bride with her very best friends.

2020 changed many wedding celebrations, girlfriend travel plans and yes, bachelorette parties. So why should you have a bachelorette party at a yoga retreat?

As you plan for 2021 and beyond – why not consider going on a yoga retreat with your best friends to destress? Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming wedding, getting the girls together for a 2020 bachelorette party that didn’t end up happening, or just looking to connect with your friends before a big life milestone, here are a few reasons to consider the yoga retreat.

Yoga retreats can help you connect with your community – and small businesses – safely

Yoga retreats can take many shapes. Check in with your local yoga studios and yoga community – many teachers may be offering outdoor retreats and workshops with small groups – perfect for you and your bride squad.

Yoga retreats can be done in person or virtually

You can also consider working with a coach on a virtual yoga session you can experience together live. Gather all of your girlfriends for a perfect pre-wedding sweat session on Zoom, Google Hangouts or even FaceTime. Take a class together – no travel required!

And timing can be flexible – no matter what the pre, post or actual wedding celebration is like, you can fit in a yoga retreat anytime.

Even if you can’t be physically together, yoga retreats can foster connection beyond texts

To make the experience shared, consider thinking ahead and sending everyone a small care package as a way to tell them you care. Many of us haven’t been able to connect with our friends in real life due to the pandemic – a yoga mat, water bottle, or scented candle could brighten a bestie’s day.

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Shared yoga retreat experiences can help your squad destress

A few poses to request whether you’re a stressed out bride or member of the wedding party include:

  • Corpse pose – this relaxing pose can help you settle into your body
  • Child’s pose – by opening up the hips and back, help yourself let go of any of the wedding planning anxiety that may have been building up
  • Breath of fire – this is a breathing technique that consists of short strong exhales and passive inhales – it’s a great way to bring consciousness to your mind and body

Yoga retreats are fun

And remember: life milestones like weddings should be full of joy and connection. What greater way to foster joy and connection than by moving, breathing and laughing together with your loved ones?

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