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Your Guest Room Checklist

Your Guest Room Checklist
Guest room with holiday pillows and dog resting on bed

Here’s to holiday hospitality! Welcome friends and family to your home with help from our Guest Room Checklist.

The holidays are upon us and that means houseguests. Whether it’s cousins, in-laws, kids-home-from-school or your hometown bestie, you want them to feel cozy and comfortable. Our Guest Room Checklist is here to help you organize and accessorize any space to make everyone feel welcome.

A Place for Their Stuff

Whether you’ve got a separate guest room or are opening up a pullout couch, taking the time to make a bit of space is always appreciated. Clear off the top of a dresser or side table, empty a drawer, or push aside some stuff in your closet and leave a set of hangers there for your visitors. A decorative tray with a mirror, clock and a few pretty posies spells welcome no matter where you place it — as well as suggesting a safe spot to set earrings, watches and smart phones.

Towels & Toiletries

Make trips to and from the bathroom convenient (and add a hotel touch) with a basket to hold towels and other toilette essentials. Who doesn’t love mini-bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash, plus a comb and a colorful towel they can tell apart from any that are already in the bathroom, especially if it’s shared? Make sure there’s a handy place to hang towels to dry in the washroom — and consider having extras of oft-forgotten travel essentials, like toothbrushes and cotton swabs, on hand.

Power Up & Plug In

charging cables

We live in an electric age! Equip guest rooms with a bedside lamp, nightlight and perhaps a power cord for charging up those phones, laptops and other gadgets. Go one better and keep a few extra charging cords on hand!

Have you got everything you need or do you need to shop for a few more bedding basics? Once once you’re stocked up, it’s time for a fun design idea…

Sleep in Style

Once you’ve got your guest space organized and well-supplied, here’s some inspiration for creating a DIY headboard with a few of your favorite things. Take both the back and glass off a multi-opening frame and hang it at the head of your bed. Then, pin dried flowers, found objects or small, homemade sketches into the open spaces. You can easily change these “framed” objects to suit the season. How about a holiday ornament in each opening? Or a few favorite greeting cards? OR, search through your attic or storage closet for THREE unusual hanging items that are waiting for the right wall. Grouping by color, such as pastel, or style, such as rustic or beachy, imagine the outline of a horizontal rectangle headboard, and hang these pieces to imply that shape. Or, hang a collection of whimsical wall hooks above the bed for a practical meets playful (meets oh-so affordable) headboard alternative.

Here’s a 5-second video of the open-frame and artwork DIY headboard ideas described above.

Feeling extra festive? We’ve got more affordable ideas for decorating your holiday home.

Now you’re ready to welcome those special guests!

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