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Your Happy Planner Inspiration

Your Happy Planner Inspiration

It’s always wonderful to find ways to brighten our busy days — and organize our busy lives. If you’re a calendar or scrapbook person, check out PLAN A HAPPY LIFE for fresh Happy Planner inspiration.

Keep reading for insights, tips and more about author Stephanie Fleming.

Happy Planner Inspiration from Stephanie Fleming

Stephanie Fleming is a creative entrepreneur, author and life-long optimist. Most notably, she is the co-founder of me & my BIG ideas®, creators of The Happy Planner® and author of the inspiring book, Plan A Happy Life.

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It’s Stephanie’s mission to create a Happy Life movement by empowering people everywhere to take control of their own happiness by embracing planning, positivity and all things creative!

Stephanie says…

I wrote this book to give you tools, not prescriptions, for living a happy life. In here you will have exercises that will help you define your passion, nurture your creativity, and take hold of your dreams.

There’s something very satisfying about keeping organized. It’s a way to remember what elements of life we can manage or improve. By doing this, it may be easier to gain perspective over the many complex problems and issues facing our world today. What small things can we do? What gifts do we ourselves have that we can share with the world? What kindness can we show our neighbors, friends, family members — and ourselves — to make today just a little bit happier? Perhaps it’s as simple as downloading a few fun bookmarks to help a child keep track of reading minutes. Or consider planing a low-key virtual get-together. Regardless of the plan you make or project you undertake, remember that you have the power within yourself to add joy to this day.

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