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Your Maternity Fashion Journey

Your Maternity Fashion Journey

The moment you hear those magic words, “Congratulations, you’re expecting!” Hundreds of thoughts can begin running through your head. Of course you feel joy and excitement—all of the feels.

But, one question that probably crops up is likely, as my baby grows and I grow, “Do I need a new wardrobe?” The short answer is no. Don’t feel like you have to buy a whole new wardrobe. But, you will likely want to invest in pieces you love. You know yourself best—if you live in jeans, then invest in a great pair of maternity jeans. If you have a special occasion and want to look your best, invest in a fun dress and rock it. When it comes to maternity style, focus on what you want, and don’t worry about the rest. Also, start with a few basics. These will get you started with a comfortable base and you can incorporate your pre-pregnancy wardrobe into the mix. Grab some great accessories—these will always fit, no matter your size, and can really upgrade a whole outfit depending on how you style them. Think scarves, necklaces, hats, etc.  

Here are a few of our top tips & tricks from one of our favorite maternity fashion brands Motherhood Maternity:

Fashion For Your First Trimester:

  1. Belly bands can be a savior during the first trimester because they extend the life of your pre-pregnancy wardrobe. The first few months can be awkward. You’re not quite showing enough to need maternity jeans, but you’re just big enough to make zipping up your favorite pair of denim a full on workout. You might not be ready for maternity jeans just yet, so slipping the belly band on over pre-pregnancy jeans is a perfect interim pregnancy accessory.
  2. Tunics are helpful because they are loose. In the early days of pregnancy, most women might not want to share their exciting news until after the 12-week mark. Loose-fitting tops with a blazer or cardigan layered over top can help to conceal a growing tummy and also keep you comfortable. A question you may ask is, “Do I really need a maternity tunic?” The answer, no, not necessarily. But, maternity tunics are typically made with stretchy fabrics, so in the early stages it will drape well, and in later months, the tunic will accommodate your growing belly.
  3. Maternity leggings are one of the most comfortable items you will wear. During the first few weeks of pregnancy, you might be experiencing morning sickness, fatigue, and bloating, which is why a soft, belly-comforting pair of maternity leggings can help to ease some of that discomfort. Plus, they’re designed to last through your entire pregnancy.

Maternity Style For Your Second Trimester:

  1. Layering pieces are optimal to look trendy and also flatter your bump. Look for open cardigans to layer over fitted tops and you’ll easily look put together and oh-so stylish. Try mixing prints and textures to spice things up! Stripes: Don’t be afraid! They pull around the belly, narrowing at the smallest part of your rib cage which can help to give the illusion of a waist.
  2. Maternity jeans are a MUST!  Although belly bands are a great start in the first trimester, about 16 weeks later you may feel the need to upgrade. Two options to look for in maternity denim are under-belly and over-belly. Under-belly jeans are a great option for women who are carrying high and are narrow through the hips. Over-belly jeans are best for women who are carrying more center or low and are not narrow through the hips.

Maternity Clothing For Your Third Trimester:

  1. An outfit for a baby shower is essential if you’ll be gathering with your closest friends and family to celebrate the new addition—and these days it can be virtual! While the main topic of conversation will be about your little one coming into this world, all eyes will be on you and you’ll want to feel your best. Dresses are a great option, as they are easy to wear and show off the bump. Maxi and midi-dresses can be perfect no matter what time of year!
  2. Maternity and nursing pajamas are a must because at this point you’ve probably grown out of your pre-pregnancy ones. Also, opt for maternity sleepwear that doubles as nursing wear. You’ll be glad you did later! For your bottoms, look for items that sit below the belly and have a tie waist to extend their life long after baby comes. These are also a great option to bring to the hospital when baby arrives.
  3. A nursing sleep bra is highly recommended throughout your pregnancy because it will provide much needed additional support. Support is especially important in the last few months of your pregnancy. Opting for a nursing bra with some stretch is a smart way to ensure that you’re giving yourself support in the short-term, but also planning for the months ahead. These are typically sized S-XL and are made with fabric that has Spandex in it, providing room to stretch and grow as your size fluctuates.

For Your Fourth Trimester: Postpartum Fashion

Wait, there’s a “fourth trimester?!”

The first few months of motherhood, coined as the “fourth trimester,” can often be challenging since finding the right styles for a new mom’s ever-changing figure can be difficult to navigate. On average, it can take six weeks up to a year to return to pre-pregnancy shape. The products you purchase to wear while pregnant will still be very relevant and useful. A few considerations during your fourth trimester:

  1. Prepare ahead of time for the situations that might arise. For example, are there special occasions to prepare for ahead of time? A wedding, an anniversary, a birthday party?
  2. Comfort is key. Athleisure is on-trend, but you also may want to dress up. Do you have something to wear for your sip and see? The best clothes to wear after having a baby are the clothes you feel most comfortable in.
  3. Be kind to yourself. You do you! Make sure you have cozy pants to lounge around in, especially as temperatures begin to drop. Grab yourself a pair of structured sweats that you can throw a top over and look put together for any impromptu everyday occasions or guests.

Shop Motherhood Maternity and find something special for your maternity fashion journey.


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