Intro to Pandemic Parenting

Seven months into COVID and many of you are wishing you could unsubscribe from 2020. We hear you. The “new normal” is becoming more normal… somewhat. And rather than asking when will we be back to normal – it’s top of mind for all of us – instead, we’ve set out to provide a COVID compass of sorts. So, as we navigate the pandemic through fall and into winter, we’re inviting Dr. Amanda Zelechoski and Dr. Lindsay Malloy of Pandemic Parenting to join us in sharing insights, tips and tricks on what it means to parent during these challenging times.

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Nab Your Favorite Brands

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What’s Your Shop O’Clock?

Shopping bag with pink and blue watches and rose petals

What’s the best time to shop? Is retail therapy better with a morning bagel or do you prefer to do your online shopping in your Saturday sweatsuit? At Zulily, it’s always shop o’clock and we love dishing on great deals, fashion trends and all kinds of fabulous. That’s what The Find is all about!