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Zulily’s Kid Designers Pick Their Favorite Looks for Back to School Clothes

Zulily’s Kid Designers Pick Their Favorite Looks for Back to School Clothes

We know kids have an amazing fashion sense–and that an outfit that celebrates their personal style can boost confidence. So, to make it easier for moms to find a great selection of outfits for the 2022 back-to-school season that speak to their kids’ unique sense of style, we went straight to the source and asked Zulily’s six talented kid designers to share their favorite looks for back-to-school clothes.

And these kids know fashion: after winning Zulily’s Back-to-School, #UniquelyZu contest, they went on to design two exclusive capsule collections that were brought to life earlier this year: the Zulily x Sunshine Swing Playwear Collection and Resort Collection of Beachwear. Their A+ recommendations and trend predictions just might inspire back-to-school looks for your kids, too.

Check Out Their Back-To-School Looks


Kyrie back to school 2022 looks

Kyrie, 8 years old

Riverside, California

Kyrie’s self-described style is casual, but pretty, like a t-shirt and skirt. In fact, that’s her perfect clothing combo for back-to-school: “You get the comfy t-shirt, but the stylish skirt,” said Kyrie. She also loves to accessorize to make her outfits more fun, whether it’s with scrunchies, bows, or headbands.

Kamden, 9 years old

Lee’s Summit, Missouri

Kamden, aka “The Bow Tie Guy,” describes his style as “very trendy, fancy, and sporty.” He predicts that sporty style – in particular – will be popular this back-to-school season. “I like sporty t-shirts and short pants because you can do anything in that,” says Kamden. “You can go to a restaurant, and you can look pretty stylish, you can play outside and still look stylish, or you can go to a piano recital, for example, and look pretty nice.”

His back-to-school wardrobe staples also includes a blazer and flannel jacket.

Zulily x Sunshine Swing Spring Playwear Collection, design by Emma

Jazlyn, 10 years old

Post Falls, Idaho

Jazlyn’s personal style is eclectic: “I like a lot of different kinds of clothes. I love patterns, especially camo,” says Jazlyn. “I like switching up my outfits a lot. I like seeing what outfit combinations I can come up with.”

Jazlyn’s trend prediction for back-to-school: Casualwear.

Zulily x Sunshine Swing Spring Playwear Collection, design by Jazlyn

Emma, 10 years old

Seattle, Washington

Emma’s back-to-school favorites include one-piece wonders, such as dresses and rompers, as well as wide-legged pants. For the evenings, Emma says she like “shirts with pretty laces.” When asked about trend predictions for the fall, Emma says, “I see a lot of baggy clothes for my age and more colorful design.”

Zulily x Sunshine Swing Spring Playwear Collection, design by Marlee

Marlee, 12 years old

Lincoln, California

“My style is preppy with a lot of colorful patterns, while staying uniform-friendly,” says Marlee. She has learned how to make her school uniform look unique with items like jackets, jewelry, and hair accessories that reflect her personal style. Tank tops are another staple in Marlee’s closet, especially those with “colorful design[s] and matching skirts.

Her trend predictions for the new school year include, “crochet clothing, and big jackets, and more color than traditional fall colors.”

Zulily x Sunshine Swing Spring Playwear Collection, design by Mady

Madeleine (Mady), 15 years old

Provo, Utah

Madey describes her style as ‘back to basics’. “I really like simple clothing that you can mix and match,” says Mady. Her staple outfit? “Something loose and comfortable, like jeans, t-shirts, leggings and accessories.”

Looking ahead to 2022 back-to-school trends, Mady says, “retro is back!” “I’ve been noticing fashion trends are going back in time – there is a lot of influence from the 70s and 80s.”

Check out these items and more at Zulily’s Back-to-School Shop now through September 12.

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